Cannabis items packaged inside cannabis boxes are quite precious products that are liked by many people. Their popularity is increasing, which is giving rise to their demand. But making these products is quite a huge task that starts with drying and curing this plant. Many people wonder what the process of drying is. If you are one of them, do not worry as you are in the right place. Because we will show you a complete step by step guide to drying this precious substance, it can help you in many ways due to easiness in understanding the information we are going to provide you.

Step 1:

Here is the first step in the process. All you need to do is to harvest the plant. You must pick the flowers. But if you have already harvested the, with the branches still with them, do not worry. You can trim them in this step that is quite essential to do. Many people ignore this thing and do not get the desired results. That is the reason we rea showing you this vital step. Now, separating the sugar leaves from the buds is a necessary thing to do. When done, you can move to the next step that is crucial as well.

Step 2:

Now, prepare airtight containers that you are going to use in this step. Remember that there should not be any moisture or dust particles inside. This thing affects the quality of the final goods. After you have separated the plants, now place each stash in those containers that you prepared. Make sure that they are airtight. You must use mason jars, so you have a good view of the whole process. Fill them up to 75% and leave the remaining space as it is going to provide the air process needs. By moving or shaking the jar, you can easily see if they are dried or not. If you see them rattling, it means they are dried. Now you can continue to the next step.

Step 3:

This is the step in which you are going to do some exciting work. Many people skip this essential step that is necessary for getting a quality item at the end. All you need is to put a lid on the jar. Keep in mind that it needs to be airtight. Then place it in a dark place. Remember, no ray of light should be there. The temperature should be low and well maintained. 21 degrees centigrade is best for this purpose. But you need to make sure that the temperature remains constant. You can check the temperature with meters and keep it constant all the time.

Step 4:

Now it is the step that is going to take your time. It is because you have to inspect the condition of the buds for two weeks. Check that if there is any mold forming inside. Open the jar two times a day and let the air enter inside for some minutes. You must check the humidity levels constant. Keep them around 60-65%. If you observe that the buds are moist, you can open the container. If they are drying more, you can leave the jar closed.

Step 5:

Here is the final step in this process. You have to open and check the jar once a day regularly for the next two weeks. You must take all the necessary steps to ensure humidity levels are under control. As said in the previous step, those levels should be in that percentage. When three weeks are over, your buds are fully prepared. They are ready for smoking as well. But if you need to have the best taste and quality, you can prolong this process for months. That will yield great results for you.

Cannabis products packaged inside cannabis boxes might look ordinary, but it takes a long time to make them. The main process in manufacturing is the drying and curing of cannabis plants or buds. Many people do not know about this. That is the reason our step by step guide is here for helping the people that do not know about this. It can help you in understanding the importance of these items as well as how you can dry and cure them.