Bitdefender is one of the top antivirus programs which offers various advanced security tools for your device. Bitdefender offers various premium plans for your Windows, macOS, and Windows devices. Bitdefender also provides freeware for phone devices. Most of the people prefer installing Bitdefender antivirus over other security programs because Bitdefender antivirus is very lightweight. When you install Bitdefender antivirus, the system impact is very low. The robust interface of Bitdefender antivirus merely shows any errors. You may get some runtime errors like Bitdefender error code 1002 while scanning the device. The Bitdefender technical team can easily resolve all your errors. The RAM and resource usage of Bitdefender antivirus is very low which means it runs on the background without affecting your device performance. Bitdefender antivirus also provides excellent network security tools.


Malware Protection

Bitdefender provides all the essential malware prevention tools which can protect your device from all types of malware. Bitdefender has a real-time scan feature where it scans all the files at runtime. When you access a file while working on your device, Bitdefender antivirus runs a quick scan on the file. If the file is safe then Bitdefender antivirus will load the file easily. Bit if the file contains any kind of viruses or other malicious content then Bitdefender will send the file directly to the quarantine folder. In case you want to access that file then you can easily visit your quarantine folder. Bitdefender antivirus also provides you regular updates so your antivirus can protect your device from all the new threats.


Device Optimizer Tools

Along with your data security, Bitdefender antivirus also takes care of your device. It has various device optimization tools that can help to increase your device performance. Bitdefender cleanup tool can remove all the junk and unnecessary files from your device. With the help of the RAM booster, you can free up the RAM space. It removes all the processes running on the background and helps to speed up your other processes.


Multi-layer Ransomware protection

Bitdefender antivirus also provides an excellent ransomware protection tool. Today ransomware becomes a big problem for the people. Ransomware encrypts the user’s crucial data and then asks ransom money to decrypt it. But you can’t be sure that they will decrypt your data correctly even after paying the ransom. Bitdefender antivirus provides excellent ransomware protection which ensures that no ransomware can attack your data. It provides multi-layer protection on your data so no can breach the security.


Bitdefender Web Security Protection

Bitdefender antivirus has excellent features for keeping you safe on the internet. It provides excellent browser security which checks your every search results. When you search for anything on your browser, your antivirus immediately checks the result pages. It tells you which result pages are safe to access and which are not. When you click on a suspicious file mistakenly, Bitdefender antivirus immediately alerts you and blocks the network. 


Bitdefender Firewall

Bitdefender has a personal firewall that actively checks your traffic. It manages all the incoming data packets and ensures that all the data packets are fully safe. The firewall also monitors the outgoing data packets on your network and prevents all the data theft activities. 


Bitdefender Safe Files

Bitdefender Safe files feature keeps all your data fully secure. You can easily add all the crucial files and information on the safe files. Bitdefender secures your information from all the dangerous ransomware and other malware. When you store your files in Bitdefender safe files then only trusted applications can access those files which help to keep the files secure from exploitation.


Bitdefender Rescue Mode

There is some special kind of malware like rootkits which can only get removed before loading the Windows. Wherever your Bitdefender detects any rootkit, it immediately runs the rescue mode where your device gets rebooted immediately and restores all the corruptions.


Safe Online Banking

Today most people use online banking on their PCs and mobile devices. You should always take care of your online transactions because one simple mistake can get you into a huge loss. Bitdefender’s safe online banking feature ensures that your online banking activity is fully safe. Bitdefender antivirus prevents all the keyloggers and other potent programs from accessing your data.


Bitdefender Gaming Mode

Bitdefender has a special mode where Bitdefender antivirus mutes all the pop-ups and messages when you are playing online games or watching movies on the full screen. It helps to provide better gaming experience to the user. 


Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender antivirus also provides you a VPN tool that prevents all the hacking and other malicious activities while accessing the unsecured network. It encrypts all your data traffic to ensure that no one is intruding on the data. The VPN of Bitdefender antivirus masks your IP address so nobody can find your actual location.


Bitdefender Password Manager

Bitdefender antivirus has a password manager tool which stores all your usernames and passwords securely. When you save your credentials on the password manager, it saves all your details in a safe cloud in an encrypted form. You can access all your credentials on any device with a master key. Password managers can also autofill your online forms securely.


Other than these tools Bitdefender antivirus has various other top security tools like file shredder, vulnerability assessment, anti-tracker, autopilot, battery mode, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, etc.