Getting to know each other is an important thing for newly married couples. You two are going to stepping into a new life in such case you want to spend time with each other. for you alone lofty of honeymoon destinations are in India. Choose the best place to spend your valuable time. Before going to select a place you need to search for it. In order to know more about the honey destination in India click now to save a lot of time.

What are the best places to visit?

Here come the places you want to have an eye,

Jammu and Kashmir:

Jammu and Kashmir is the most beautiful place for a honeymoon. This place is surrounded by a chilly climate. In fact, if you visit this place then you will get confused about about whether you are in land or paradise. Along with the climate spots such as lush valley, Mughal gardens and many more will make this place an even more exciting one.

If you are scheduling your honeymoon during the winter season then choose this place you will have the most beautiful honeymoon days.


The place that has been in the dream of many in Goa. Even for foreigners Goa is a dream place to visit. If you choose this place for your honey then you will experience an exotic honeymoon. Goa is a place for beaches here you can witness a lot number of beaches. At the same time, you will see so many numbers of water activities as well. You will be able to spend some lonely time with your loved ones.


Darjeeling is the best place to visit. Especially for newly married couples, this place is best to visit. All the mountains present in this place will be covered with a lot more natural sceneries such as lush greenery, tea plants and many more. if you visit this place then you never get the idea to come back to your place.

For sure you will feel a lot because it’s small heaven covered with snow and chill climate. by means of choosing your partner to visit this place, you will have unforgettable honeymoon memories.


This place is located in Meghalaya. This place is famous for its hills, waterfalls, museums and so on. Another thing that makes this place more exciting is pine forests and then green lushes. If you step into this place you will get the chill climate. The temperature on this location will make you have pleasant honeymoon days.

If you want to visit this place then the best time is from October to December and March to April as well. This location will give you new experience from your busy life.

A lot more numbers of honeymoon destinations are there in India. You want to choose the best place that will help you to have better honeymoon days. If you want to know more about honeymoon destination then click now you will come to know everything in detail.