If you’re career-oriented, you probably don’t have time for an hour-long morning beauty routine or any unnecessary spa treatments that waste your precious time. However, don’t think you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Here are a few things every businesswoman can do in order to look more beautiful that won’t waste your time. 

Rely on your natural beauty 

Before you try to change anything about your look, grab a mirror and take a good look at yourself. You can probably find a bunch of strengths nature gave you! Sure, false lashes, hair extensions, implants and other add-ons can fix your shortcomings, but why go there? It’s much easier and healthier to enhance your attributes and show off your natural beauty. If you have gorgeous eyes, highlight them with some light makeup or if you have lush locks, get a flattering haircut that will allow your hair to flow around you and attract just the right attention. 

Avoid fakes 

If you want to be perceived as a serious professional, it’s best to stay away from all sorts of fakes. Things like fake tan, chemical hair straightening treatments, fake lashes all make you look like a Barbie doll and don’t travel well during your business trips. Instead, pamper your skin, hair and face and you won’t have to worry about looking unprofessional. 

Turn to professional beauticians 

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If you have some imperfections on your skin that you simply can’t stand covering up with makeup anymore, you can visit a professional and consult on some procedures you can have done. There are many non-invasive skin improvements that can remove imperfections, hide some stubborn wrinkles and make you look fresh and ready for work victories. As long as you find a respectable aesthetic clinic, you can expect amazing results with quick recovery time. Modern clinics do everything from microdermabrasion and chemical peels to non-surgical lifts and you can go back to work in no time looking fresher, younger and more professional than ever. 

Pay special attention to your diet

If you don’t have time or energy to hit the gym five times a week and have those long cardio workouts, you can forget about exercising and devote more attention to your meals. If you’re trying to stay healthy, fit and strong, you can easily do that with food. Don’t skip meals and rely on fast food and microwave means minimally. In order to always have something healthy and homemade at hand’s reach, you can try meal prepping. There are so many amazing recipes that you can prepare on Sunday and have in your freezer the entire week. You can also always have a healthy snack in your bag. If you have something low-cal and vitamin-filled to munch on, you won’t be reaching for chips or candy. 

Dress well 

The way you dress leaves a huge impression to your workers, colleagues and partners, so make sure to do your best to pick a style that fits you and makes you feel powerful and comfortable. Think about what you’re trying to say with your fashion choices and don’t be scared of color. While some colors are a no-no (neons) too many neutrals will make you look boring and old-fashioned. What you can do is mix neutrals with a pop of color that will leave a bold, confident and stylish impression. Think dark blue dress or suit with something bold and charming like fuchsia shoes. Expressing yourself with color is great, but your safest path towards looking amazing is to feel comfortable—this will truly make you feel and look like a confident boss that you are. 

Don’t be vulgar 

Listen, it’s your body and you can do what you want with it—that’s the bottom line. However, if you want your audience and your employees to see you as a serious businesswoman with integrity and authority, it’s best to tone down your fashion choices at the office. A top that’s too revealing or a skirt that’s too short can divert attention from your professional efforts and point it somewhere else—it’s unfortunate and unfair but true. Conceal all the most “interesting” bits yet don’t be scared to look feminine and unique if that’s what you wish. 

If you try all these tips, you will look office-ready every day of the week without wasting too much time on your beauty and fashion. These tips will allow you to be healthy yet look beautiful, feminine and confident. 


All photos are from Unsplash.