Nowadays you can purchase yourself a membership for almost anything – car washes, razors and even coffee. So why not medical care? Well, did you know that you can actually sign up for a membership exclusively for your basic healthcare needs – right here in Missouri? It’s called Direct Primary Care, but some also refer to it as membership doctor’s offices.

Do you have a large family and often worry about the high costs of healthcare? Then you may need to find a membership doctor – one that will not cost an arm and a leg each time someone in your family needs medical care. New Freedom Family Medicine has locations in Washington, Missouri and Hermann, Missouri. Both locations offer a membership-based plan that will cover most of your basic medical needs. This means you won’t have to pay extra if one (or two) of the people in your family suddenly come down with the flu.

Everyone has different medical needs. Whether you are needing to see a doctor often to monitor a health condition like diabetes, or have a new addition to the family that needs lots of newborn medical care – a membership doctor is perfect for you.

Knowing exactly how much you will need to pay for basic medical needs provides such peace of mind that you will be wondering why you didn’t seek to work with a membership doctor before. How nice would it be to just have medical care as another set monthly expense? Skip the hassle and hours on the phone talking to insurance companies just to try to get them to cover the most basic medical care and procedures! Make an appointment to see Dr. Jennifer Allen at New Freedom Family Medicine at her Hermann, Missouri or Washington, Missouri locations! Call us today at (573) 271-2927.