Pradosh Vrat is observed twice every month on the thirteenth day (Trayodashi) of the waxing and waning phases of the Moon to seek the blessings of Shiva and Parvati. When Pradosham falls on Monday it is Soma Pradosham, on Tuesday it is BhuamaPradosham and on Saturday it is ShaniPradosham. These three days are considered auspicious. Fasting on Pradosham cleanses us of our sins and helps us attain power, courage, health and wealth. You can consume milk/fruits if needed.

How planets help receive the divine blessings of the day

 This time Pradosham is falling on a Friday, which is fortunate. Today, the Day Lord Venus is in its own sign Libra,and is in the independence and success bringing Swati Nakshatra (Rahu Star) having pradhvamsa Shakti, the self-dependent and ambitious star. Venus is with Mercury, which is in the saintly and mature Vishaka Nakshatra (Jupiter Star). Mars is aspecting Venus and Mercury from Pisces. This means if we pray to Shiva today, we can get immense wealth due to our bright mind, talent and skills. Since Mars is aspecting Venus and Mercury, so, it can also cause some emotional imbalances, aggression and communication problems with others due to anger and make us come across as impatient and rude. Praying to Shiva today can remove all our problems, and make our speech bright and bold so that we can become wealthy and victorious in all our pursuits in life.

 The Moon is in the victorious and highly charismatic and swift Aswhini Nakshatra of Ketu aspected by Venus and Mercury. If we pray to Shiva today, we can get wealth, creativity, mental clarity, wisdom,institution, and communication skills to remove any hurdles. Shiva will rid us of our sins and will remove our mental stress and make us succeed in our personal and professional life.


• Observe fast if health permits.
• Meditate and chant Mantras for Shiva and Venus. Chant the Rudramchamakam.
• Feed the poor people. Wear white colour clothes.
• Offer raw milk and bel leaves on Shivling, offer fruits and flowers to Shivling.


• Refrain from immoral acts
• Do not consume non vegetarian food or alcohol
• Do not hurt or be rude to anyone.
• Do not talk unless necessary and be sweet in your words.
• Do not be egoistic and do not get angry on anyone

Mantras to be chanted at least 108 times

Om NamahShivaya
Meaning – I bow to Shiva
Om Sri ShukraayaNamaha
Meaning – I bow to Shukra (Venus)