Are you planning to launch a new website? You are likely to feel daunted with so many things like SEO, plugins, tools etc. However, if you choose a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress for SEO, most of your concerns are taken care of. Almost all leading SEO services India would recommend WordPress as the best CMS for SEO.

Read on to find out what makes it the best CMS for SEO:-

The Best User Experience

The themes and plugins that WordPress offers help users enjoy their experience while using the site. Most of the time, they even stay on the webpage longer, thus decreasing your bounce rate. In fact, for those who want to improve their SEO rank, Google is rewarding all those pages that provide a great user experience.

Create Great Permalink

It only takes a few minutes to make a permalink on WordPress, which is vital in SEO. It is better than including some crazy characters. The best part is that you can even use the keyword in the URL. It contributes to an attractive and popular permalink.

Metadata Is Simple to Create

Metadata can largely influence how well search engines find relevance in your site. It also says what your site is about. So, you can consider adding relevant keywords to it. A plugin like Yoast SEO can be used with WordPress, which allows metadata to be completed in minutes.

Optimising Images Couldn’t Get Any Easier

A blog is nothing without images. It would help if you had one or two in the middle so that your readers can take a break from the textual content. Images are incredibly vital for SEO. You can create an alternative text on WordPress for every picture that you make use of. It means that the search engine will detect the keywords you use to describe these images. You could also make use of a plugin that automatically makes alt text for all your graphics.

Slow Speed Kills Interest

Nothing kills interest like slow pages. If your site is anywhere near slow, forget about rankings. Users also get frustrated by slow speed, and in most cases, they don’t have the patience to wait. Quick loading times are essential in SEO. But, you don’t have to worry since WordPress makes use of amazing plugins that assure good speed. For example, ShortPixel Image Optimiser compresses PDF files and images within no time.

WordPress Works on Mobile Too

It’s factual to say that we can’t pretty much survive without our mobile phones in hand. If you’re looking forward to gaining profit from your page, you must make sure it is optimised well for a great mobile experience. If you use WordPress, you need not do anything out of the way for achieving this. It is because many of their themes are mobile-friendly.

WordPress Campaign + Social Media

Social media can either be your best friend or your best as a business. When using WordPress, it is sure to be the former. There is no way you can ignore social media activity since it even determines your SEO ranking. You can create your very own, customised social media icons on WordPress, so your readers feel great going through them. There’s not limited to using social media – you could add it to your site or even automate your campaigns.

Other Software Work Great with WordPress

Everybody knows how to use Yoast and Google Analytics with WordPress. But that is not the end of it. Several other tools work utterly with WordPress. For instance, ConvertKit can be used for campaigns done on emails, landing pages and forms; Sucuri is the best for security and G Suite, which can be used for all your emails, documents and spreadsheets. Not only do these software tools run on WordPress smoothly, but together they are sure to boost your SEO ranking.

WordPress Themes Are SEO-Friendly

Of course, search engines look out for metadata and keywords. But they watch out for great webpage designs. Again, just like how WordPress does almost everything under the sun for you, you need not spend time optimising your theme since it does it for you. All you have to do is pick an SEO-friendly theme that appeals to you the most.

Finding a great content management system for your SEO is not all that hard, especially when you have great ones like WordPress that diligently work on SEO-friendly themes and tools. You could ask theĀ SEO company in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai etc out there, and they most probably use WordPress.