The fast-expanding pet grooming and mobile pet grooming industry use technology to advance their business and provide easy access to their customers. The majority of Americans use the internet for an average of 6-7 hours daily. 77% use their smartphones when accessing the internet.

The widespread use of technology did not spare the pet industry. Pet owners are also taking advantage of technology to take better care of their pets. A concrete example is the use of infrared tags on pet collars to activate automated closed food bowl. It only opens when the food bowl “senses” the infrared from the dog collar. Another upgrade in pet care technology is the synchronization of smartphones to manage their overweight dogs’ calorie intake.

Pet owners expect pet care businesses also to upgrade their services using pet care technology. As a pet care business owner, automating your enterprise can deliver efficient and excellent services to your customers. Advanced technology may have streamlined some business processes, but combs and scissors remain invaluable.

The most valuable instrument you can take advantage of is the use of pet groomer management software. Using the right grooming software will advance your pet grooming business and give you a smooth working experience.

What should you look for in the best pet groomer management software?

Running a pet grooming business will require most of your time grooming pets. However, other aspects of business processes, such as recording client accounts, appointment scheduling, and staff scheduling, will also demand your time and attention. Subscribing to a pet groomer management software will benefit you tremendously.

Here are the things you should look for in the best grooming software:

Pet Grooming Appointment Scheduling

A reliable pet groomer management software should allow you and your customers to schedule appointments conveniently wherever and whenever they may be in their free time.  The pet groomer management software must be cloud-based and enable you to manage staff scheduling and update information regardless of location.

Customer Record-Keeping

Traditional record-keeping or using free basic software can be tiresome, especially updating and retrieving all data at once. Different clients have different pet medical histories, pet care service needs, pet grooming sessions, and characteristics. It is significant to remember them all and organize its records.

Pet grooming management software enables you to create an accessible and organized customer information database. It will store all of your customer’s pet information, trips to the facility, sessions availed, unique needs, special requests, pet groomer assigned, and schedules of next appointments. It will impress your customers when they see you know their pets very well and tell them how to handle them properly.

Pet Groomer Management Software Mobile Apps

The innovation of mobile apps has significantly improved people’s lives. Mobile apps are needed these days. Your client expects your pet care grooming business to be updated when it comes to technology. Choose a pet groomer management software that has a mobile app version aside from their web-based interface. It will ease up information retrieval, appointment scheduling, and many more business processes.

Grooming Room Surveillance Cameras

Sometimes pets come into the grooming facility in a state of stress or agitation. Distressed pets may behave erratically and attack the pet groomer. On the other hand, some pet parents can wrongfully accuse you or the groomer of pet mishandling when they recognize an opportunity.

When you find a pet groomer management software that integrates with surveillance systems, it can tremendously help you monitor and safeguard your business from complaints and lawsuits. The camera recording may come in handy when a customer sues your business with pet mishandling. You can also use the footage to claim accident insurances and compensation when a pet attacks you suddenly.

Appointment Email and SMS Messaging Reminders

Some people can get so caught up with what is happening in their lives that they tend to forget appointments and meetings. It is not surprising that when people have multiple tasks, they miss out on other things, even the important ones.

Find the right pet groomer management software that sends out email and text message reminders to you and your customers. It should be able to send out a reminder notification upon confirmation of appointment and during the day of the meeting. Technology can help you avoid pet care and grooming sessions. It saves you time and efficiently performs scheduled tasks on time.


Now that you are convinced to look for the best pet groomer management software for your pet care business, what are the best software innovations to consider for your business? Here are two examples:

K9Sky Point of Sale (POS) System

K9sky point of sale system integrates within the software application can help your pet care business track your sales, client records, accumulate commissions and tips, and other significant business metrics and analytics. The POS system allows you to access a pet’s medical history, manage appointments, schedule staff shifts, assign customers to pet groomer, and many more.

The K9sky pet groomer management software is a cloud-based point of sale system that allows you to carry out your mobile pet grooming business from any location as long as you an internet connection.  You can use the software to send out deals and promotions to previous, existing, and potential customers of your business. K9sky is customizable pet care management software that can integrate with surveillance cameras when necessary.

BizBark Pet Grooming Software Solution

BizBark is a great pet grooming software solution for mobile pet grooming services and pet salons. It allows you and the customers to quickly schedule their pet’s appointments and access their pet information in the system. Knowing the pet’s data and history can help you decide the most appropriate pet care and grooming services suitable for the pet breed. It also enables you to search listing features to locate pet owners and businesses nearby and promote your products and services.

The Take-Away

Choosing the right pet grooming technology for your business can help it grow tremendously. The above considerations will help you decide the most suitable pet groomer management software for your pet care business. By digitalizing your business, you increase efficiency, save on costs, and progress quickly.

However, do not jump into a hasty decision. Not all technological solutions are right for your business. Find pet groomer management software that allows you to experience how the system works first-hand. If they provide a free trial period, grab the chance, and see for yourself if the technology fits. It would be best to try what fits than be sorry for adapting the wrong solution to your business needs.