On Valentine’s Day or romantic occasions at other moments during the year, it’s a given that you want to send roses. But since it’s something you may do more than once, it becomes essential to find new and better was to send flowers. Parisian inspired roses in a box like the ones you can send nationwide in the U.S. from Jardin Deluxe Fleurs are a great new idea. Their florists hand-arrange perfect Ecuadorian roses in a precise style and deliver them in an elegant signature satin box. You can select their naturally preserved roses that can last for one year for an even better gift.
Elegant simplicity is the design idea behind the roses in a box concept. When a satin hatbox replaces a vase, it gives to the blooms an entirely new and different appearance. Also, because both the boxes and the roses come in a selection of colors, you can customize your gift to suit your loved one’s preferences. It gives you much more flexibility than you have when dealing with a local florist, and the fact that the roses last a year means you’ve gone way beyond sending an ordinary flower gift. It’s easy to order online, and with fast, convenient shipping, you can have lovely blooms for your sweetheart in no time.
When a man loves a woman, it’s a given he wants to send her the highest-quality roses, and that’s where Jardin Deluxe Fleurs comes in. They’re an online florist with exceptional quality. In fact, few other preserved roses can match the ones they provide to their clients. Its why people rave about their flowers and reorder for their loved ones on every special occasion. The most beautiful Ecuadorian roses, expertly preserved, and hand-arranged makes all the difference. You can see the quality for yourself and the difference it makes in every beautiful gift you send to a loved one or sweetheart.
Roses in a box have a particular elegance that is hard to describe but utterly transforms the idea of sending flowers. Satin gift boxes in square or round shapes, or even heart shapes, crate the ideal platform in which to display luxury roses. One of the newer ideas is boxes in modern black with a gold signature. With red blooms or another color, it creates one of the most sophisticated floral arrangements imaginable. Seeing is believing, and anyone who receives of these beauties will be thoroughly impressed. If you’re about to send flowers, order online from Jardin Deluxe Flowers for an exceptional gift.