What is the Dark Web? How to Access it and What You Will Find?

              The internet has proven to be a life-saving entity for many. There are unlimited stories and incidents that get famous on social media that how people have been in devastating situations and how the internet saved their day or their lives as a matter of fact. But nothing in this world is perfect and every package comes with a defect and so does the internet.

              Our parents used to watch over us (child lock usage preventing the access of best dark websites) on the internet. And we always used to think what is out there and this feeling intrigued us more. There is a saying ‘somethings are better left unsaid’, and as we grow older, the more we want to know and the more we get hurt and that is why people also say that they miss their old days when they were young and there was nothing to worry about.

              The internet is an ocean that has no limits and little did we know that it has layers. There is the good side of the internet and then there is the dark side of the internet. And like the deepest part of the ocean has uncommon and blood-curdling creatures so do the internet have somethings that require a trigger warning.

              We used the word dark and there is an actual place on the internet that is called the dark web. It even sounds eerie. This part of the internet is not accessible by your Google or Yahoo or any other search engine. People say that this is a hub of criminal activities and the kind of that cannot be shown on the regular internet or on social media. As bad as it sounds, the dark web is not all that dark because you can also join different or private poker clubs or chess game clubs and much more, and for that, you have to explore.

              Speaking of explore, if you want to get to the dark web and want to know more about the dark web then follow this link https://darkwebportal.net, and follow the steps below to get to the dark side of the internet;

  1.     The firstthing that you have to do is download a VPN. It is a best practice that you buy a VPN because the free ones can be vulnerable and to get securely to the dark side of the web, it is best that you get the paid version for best results.
  2. The second thing that you have to do is download a specific kind of browser to get to the best dark websites easily and safely. The most commonly used browser is Tor.
  3. Make sure to turn on the hidden services of Tor to get complete access to the best dark websites on the dark web.
  4. Always remember not to allow the browser to run the script.
  5. You must adjust the security to the ‘most secure level’.

If you ask us that what are the websites that are worth visiting on the dark web, then try to use the following links;

–          Hidden Wiki; this is the site that has different documents uploaded by anonymous people and the link is;


–          Candle; this is used to make your way to the dark web somewhat safely and the link is http://gjobqjj7wyczbqie.onion/

Please note: that these links and the other links you see online won’t work until you follow the above steps.