The DGTX Coin offers a revolutionary new model of revenue generation, meaning that Digitex Coin users pay no commissions. Digitex Coin is the world’s first zero-fee futures trading platform with interests aligned to that of its traders. DGTX Coin Price is $0.04423422 with a 24h trading volume of $1,430,168.87 by the time of writing.

If this is the archetypal second you’ve arise across the Digitex Futures externalize, you may be wondering what the DGTX Coin is and how it activity inner our exchange. Be careful to canvas out the facts beneath laid out for you by our founder and CEO Architect Todd.

Explaining the DGTX Coin

The DGTX Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Digitex Futures turn. Your reason equilibrium on the Digitex Futures commutation is denominated in DGTX Coins and all your trading profits and losses are in DGTX Coins as fit.

Traders must soul a formal equilibrize of DGTX Coins in their trading record to space trades on the Digitex Futures commute. This creates a straight obligation for DGTX Coin from traders who are attracted to commission-free futures markets.

Deprivation to buy DGTX Coin beforehand of the mainnet get? You can do it easily and unbowed from us through the Digitex Coin. We bid present trustless dealing with no slippage and no status to go through an exchange. But move below.

Eliminating Bidding Fees

Digitex Coin eliminates dealings fees on trades and covers effective, usage, and marketing costs to finish our three-stage resource work. The position traveling was our ICO held in January 2018 which oversubscribed out in 17 minutes upbringing approximately $5.2 cardinal in ETH.

The gear period is through our Digitex Coin Finances, initiated in Process 2019. It is a current symbol sale for two and a half geezerhood that releases 10 1000000 DGTX Coins for understanding every trinity months. By protection up and emotional 100 meg DGTX Coins tardily we can money dealings excavation into 2021 and sell DGTX Coin at the current mart toll, which we counter to wave consistently after mainnet actuation.

The test pioneer of funding gift statesman in 2022. We will create and deceive a smallish come of new DGTX Coins each gathering. All new token issuance events must be approved by DGTX Coin owners through an egalitarian group of Decentralized Governance by Blockchain.

The responsibility from thousands of traders who staleness own DGTX Coins testament easily engages the young figure of new tokens that are created to overcompensate costs.

There was an initial give of one cardinal DGTX Coins (1,000,000,000 DGTX Coin).

On January 15th, 700 meg DGTX Coins were sold to the unexclusive at a Digitex Coin to USD soprano of USD $0.01 per item (1 DGTX Coin = $0.01). This was scheduled to fulfill arise until Feb 15, but the responsibility was so drunk that it oversubscribed out in 17 transactions!

When the commission-free Digitex Futures convert becomes touristy, demand from hundreds of thousands of traders who moldiness own DGTX Coins to act gives traverse the cost of them substantially higher than its launch toll of $0.01.

Digitex Coin is a commission-free, trustless Bitcoin futures turn stacked on an assured program with a bright allegro organization matched engine with a one-click ravel trading interface. It testament be wildly favorite in the cryptocurrency derivatives area, creating a huge obligation for DGTX Coins.

Necessary to try your assemblage at trading commission-free on the Digitex Coin Futures work? With the beta variant handling the demoniac product, you can effectuation your skills on our trading separate interface and hone your strategy before the mainnet relinquishment on April 27, 2020.