It is assumed that you are familiar with underwrap for sports tape. It is a lightweight wrap that is made of foam and it creates a barrier between the adhesive and skin. So the skin does not get harmed of peeled off with the tape’s adhesive. The glue on the tape has zinc oxide so it is not good for skin and the underwrap does not let the chemical compound come in contact with the skin. So when the tape is applied the wrap is placed first on the skin. It is a thin film so it does not irritate the skin.

When is athletic tape used?

You have seen many sports personnel wearing Sports Strapping Tape. But if you are wondering why they use it and the importance of wearing it then here is an idea. It is wrapped around the skin to protect bones. The strapping basically prevents the displacement of bones and does not harm the muscles as well. So, the tape is made to sit on the skin to hold the bones and muscles together; and that helps the athlete deal with any kind of physical pain.

Importance of strapping tape

It is evident from the above-mentioned information that the goal is to reduce the risk of injury while an athlete is on motion. During any sport the motion causes joint injury, the strapping tape will reduce the swelling by compressing the soft tissue. If the joint is already injured then the tape will reduce the risk of injury. It is essential for you to protect the limbs for further injury and that will let you play for longer. The strapping tape will also help the injury to heal properly. It supports the ligaments and acts a protective pad during the physical activity.

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