Home broadband has come a long way over the years, and the rapid progression and improvements are showing no signs of slowing down just yet – slow copper wire broadband is largely a thing of the past now, with ultrafast fibre broadband now widely available for most households to utilise. But what about those ‘not-spots’ in your home? ‘Not-spots’ are the areas of your home where your broadband connection seems to completely disappear, and every home tends to have them; whether it’s architectural design or simply other devices causing interference, it can be tough to completely avoid these dead zones without the right tech at your disposal. If you want to find out more about how you can use fresh technology to improve your home broadband, you’re in luck; read the below tips from Zen Internet to learn more about mesh WiFi networks, the latest advancement in broadband technology!

Mesh WiFi Networks

One of the most popular new additions to the home WiFi setup is mesh WiFi, which is a system that utilises a single main router that is supported by a network of additional satellites (nodes) which help to extend the signal so that you’re getting maximum service in every area of your home. These nodes can be strategically placed around your home, giving the rooms that previously struggled to connect to your home’s broadband a stronger and more reliable connection that takes them from not-spots to hotspots.

What’s more, is that whole home mesh WiFi is entirely customisable to your needs – you can add or remove these additional nodes to create the coverage within your home that you need. These nodes are a great alternative to the typical range extenders you may find due to the seamless connectivity and roaming that they allow. With range extenders, you must keep connecting and disconnecting to the device that offers the best signal in that specific area, whereas with mesh broadband you’ll seamlessly hop between devices without having to disconnect and reconnect as the devices operate using one continuous address and password.


The main benefits of a mesh WiFi network are quite straightforward – you’ll be able to get more from the broadband package that you’re paying for and also be able to get fantastic coverage in every area of your home. This can also enable you to get far more out of your internet experience; devices in every room will now be able to connect to your broadband and receive reliable and effective service, so you’ll be able to watch, browse, show, and post to your heart’s content.

Further down the line from the initial boost in speed, the effects of mesh WiFi will still be felt, with this faster and more efficient internet connection allowing you to work from home, or perhaps ever run your business remotely. This can be a huge help when trying to manage your work/life balance, as you’ll now be able to work things around each other to ensure that you have ample time to work efficiently whilst also making time for the people and activities that matter most.

With mesh WiFi, you aren’t just improving your broadband speeds, but rather improving your entire broadband networks throughout your home – for this reason, a mesh WiFi network is the perfect way to ensure that you’re getting everything you can from your package. Check out Zen’s EveryRoom to learn even more about the true possibilities of mesh WiFi networks, with their promise of guaranteed signal in every room from the basement to the loft.