Malaysia is a lovely country that has a rich history and diverse culture. People from a variety of ethnic backgrounds in Malaysia have different types of traditional attire that can affect a party wear dress for women.

Malay women for many years liked to wear a kemban, which is a long piece of cloth also known as a sarong. It is wrapped around the woman’s body and the shoulders are left bare. This was a more revealing type of women’s dress that was popular before the Islamic culture began to dominate the region.

When Islam was adopted, the kemban became less popular and the modest but stylish baju kurung became in vogue. This outfit consists of a long skirt and a blouse. The blouse fits loosely on the body and can be hip to knee length.

It also has long sleeves traditionally, but more modern looks may feature a ¾ length with flares and bell sleeves. The skirt extends to the ankles and features pleats on aside to make it easier to sit and walk. This outfit can be made to look more traditional with batik fabric or songket. Or, the woman can use simple batik or floral designs printed on cotton. To finish this outfit, women often wear a shawl called a selendeang, as well as a headscarf called a hijab.

Tudung is an important part of the woman’s daily dress. This is a headscarf or veil that covers the neck, chest, and hair. Only the face of the woman is exposed. The tudung could be referred to as the hijab. This is what satisfies the Muslim dress code for women to dress in a modest way.

The tudung is not required before a girl reaches puberty, many parents train their girls to wear them when they are children. The decision to wear the tudung as part of the woman’s daily outfit is usually a personal decision and is maintained for life.

There are two sorts of sarongs. One is a long piece of decorative cloth and the other is a piece of decorative cloth that is sewn on the width of it to make a shape like a tube. With a sarong like a tube, you would slip into the middle and pull it up under the arms. The sides of the sarong are wrapped in front and folded a few inches down so that the sarong is held tightly around the body.

A flat sarong needs to be draped across the back with a corner held in both hands. The fabric is wrapped around the body. For things to be easier, the woman can keep the material under the arms so that the hands can be kept free.

These above styles and clothing pieces also can be considered if you are looking for a wedding dress for bride. In the time of COVID-19, many wedding dress experts in Malaysia say that selecting a simpler gown could be the best idea.

Even before the virus hit earlier in 2020, there was more of a focus in Malaysia on high style, simple gowns. Dresses that center on dramatic draping, structure, intriguing necklines, and interesting details were becoming extremely popular. Less popular in 2020 have been dresses with lace, beading, and embroideries.

Now that you have a better idea about what Malaysian women wear for parties, weddings and in daily life, you should be able to choose clothing that is appropriate for a modern look in Malaysia in 2020.