Traveling is good but you should be conscious and smart about the places you think that you should take extra care. My friend was found for the cheap holidays in Morocco and very excited because he eventually got the best one. But then I told him about the things he had to care about his visit.

Morocco is a Muslim country. In the Islamic countries, you have to be extra conscious and sensitive about the things for your trip. In this blog, I’m going to tell you the things you should never do.

Things you should never do in Muslim countries:

Here are a few tips for you to carry during your Holiday breaks on the Muslim countries. You are going to get awesome experiences on your trip but keep in mind these things given below.

The drink is Prohibited in Public:

In public, it is always banned to drink even in western countries too. But in Muslim counties, it is also prohibited to drink in public. If you are visiting UAE, you will be free to get into the night clubs or the places where you can drink of your choice.

Destinations like Turkey and Morocco are also very good if you want to drink in the bars and personal room in hotels. But respect the culture, don’t drink in public. As in Islam, drinking is prohibited in any way. People living in Muslim countries follow the religion and there is not very open culture about drinking.

For the countries who relax the tourists about drinking in the bars and hotel rooms are recommended to visit. Otherwise, if you are visiting a destination don’t allow drinking, you should visit and should respect the Muslim culture. If you are drinking, don’t get over with it. Many countries have strict laws to penalty Alcohol consumers.

Don’t disrespect Religion:

You are in a foreign country and it is a Muslim country, you should be respectful of the religion. I have observed in the Muslim world that they are over-sensitive about their beliefs and religion. So respect them, don’t argue on anything you should not talk over.

If you want to visit the Mosque or any religious place, you should get permission from the authorities. They will provide you security if needed. You can ask for the security as well. If you are visiting the Mosque or any religious place, dressed up decently, please.

Don’t dress up indecently:

It is a normal thing. It is a less religious, and more cultural thing. If you are visiting a Muslim country which is not very progressive, you should take care of the norms. As per the norms, if it is needed, get yourself dressed up accordingly.

I remember when I was in Morocco. I bought some dresses specific to the desert. Morocco is a very cool place and people there are very cool-headed, and friendly. But dressing like locals is a unique and interesting thing to do for me, I like to be dressed up like locals whenever I’m on the holiday break. It is a fun thing to do. You should also try this when in a Muslim country. As this blog is specific for the visits of Muslims countries, you should opt for this norm as a whole. You can do this anywhere in the world.

Learn Some Language:

It is also a fun thing to do. I learn different words of the language first, then leave to the destination I plan for. When I visited Dubai, Egypt, and even Morocco, some words of Arabic language helped me a lot to interact with the people living there.

This also shows your interest in knowing about the history, civilization, and culture of the place. Learn some names of the things, places, and greetings. It would help you to be welcomed more warmly and can roam freely. You are one of the very lucky travelers roaming around regions in the world.

Don’t Approach the Opposite Gender:

Even if you are taking pictures of the women or girls on the destination, this is wrong. You should not do this. At least take the permission or avoid taking pictures.

You should also not be interacting with the opposite gender, especially the women if you are a male traveler. It would get you in trouble or bad consequences. It is not considered to be good to interact with females in a Muslim country if you are a stranger. So be cautious and take care of this aspect. Always approach those women who are your friends and at least you know them about any reference. If you are there for dating, it is a bad idea. But there are certain communities for that sake to take the benefits. Remember, You are there to enjoy and explore the country well. Be friendly, polite and decent to take the maximum out of your traveling experience in a Muslim country.