Every country has its own culture and traditions. The culture of a country is its identity. Culture includes the ideas, and lifestyle of the people. The culture and traditions differentiate one country from the other. The costume, the history, architecture, traditions, music, buildings, and heritage of a country play an important part in attracting tourists from all over the world. The United Arab Emirates follows Arabic culture and traditions. Dubai is the city of the United Arab Emirates and there are many cultural events and traditions that represent the Arabic culture. One of the many events is the Tanoura show.

The beautiful folk dance.

The Tanoura show is a type of folkloric dance. It is an important part of Arabic culture. Many people actively participate in the Tanoura show. The performers wear a Tanoura costume which is a multi-colored skirt. The skirt is full of beautiful colors. The performers wear the tanoura costume and they take turns and spin continuously for 30 minutes without stopping even for a sec. When they stop they don’t feel dizzy or unconscious. They are so experienced. They associate themselves with Sufism while performing the tanoura dance.

Dubai desert safari and the Arabic culture.       

The Tanoura show is a part of many events going on in Dubai. One such place is the Dubai desert safari. There are many activities in the Arabian desert. These include adventurous activities as well as Camp activities. Tanoura show is a major part of the camp activities. Dubai desert safari activities are available in the evening Dubai desert safari and overnight desert safari. Tanoura show is available in the evening as well as in overnight. Camp activities at Dubai desert safari are more about Arabic culture. Arabic costume photography is also a part of the camp activities. Wear the Arabic costume and click your pictures. Get the feel of the Arabs. Henna art or henna painting is also available at Dubai desert safari. Our henna experts will be there. Get a chance to decorate your hands and feet with henna. Our experts know many designs so you can actually rely on them. The food served during the trip is all cooked with Arabic spices. The dinner served during overnight desert safari includes barbeque and buffet with unlimited soft drinks and mineral water. Qahwa is also available. Arabic cuisine is actually very different and it is preferred by many tourists. Food is actually the best way to attract people. You should try the Arabic cuisine.

Dubai desert safari is actually a perfect combination of adventures and entertainment. There are many other camp activities as well like fire show, belly dancing, and Arabic music. These activities are actually fun and they will mesmerize you. The adventurous activities include quad biking, dune bashing, Sand skiing or Sandboarding, and camel riding. Book your deal now with

Our driver will pick you from your location and will take you to the Arabian desert for the trip. Arabian culture is actually beautiful. Plan your trip to Dubai desert safari, you will not regret it and that I can assure you