The totally out of the box series of Rick and Morty has been on the radar of everyone as it crossed those lines and boundaries that were never done before. And even though it is always on the borderline of being offensive, it has never fallen over. Releasing the first episode in 2013, it’s been over seven years, and it still stays relevant. It is a huge success story for Netflix as it has yet again decided to revive the show for another season after the recent end of the fourth season. With only 40 episodes released to date, “Rick and Morty” has received a tremendous amount of fame.

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It was created by Justin Rolland for Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block. The series is an American animated science fiction sitcom. The series follows cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez along with his good-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith who embark on inter-dimensional adventures together. It is an amazing animated comedy sitcom. That has amazingly traversed gaps among ages, and each age social affair can value this glad group that occurs on Netflix. It has a twisted storyline as you will be laughing one second and might get offended the next. It always stays relevant to the current situation with continuous pop culture references.


Netflix has officially announced that they have renewed “Rick and Morty” and they will be releasing the sitcom on their video streaming site. The tendency of the previous season starting off before Christmas is, however, not expected by fans this time around for a couple of reasons. The release of the second half of the fourth season was delayed further than normal, and given the condition of the world, a new season does not seem possible on the books before next year.

Anyway, season four of Rick and Morty is as yet communicating continuously in the UK and the US. The latest season still being on-air generally means that the next one is a far off, though. After the show gets off-air, we could expect season five to be on the floor.


For the central leads of the show, the voiceovers of Rick and Morty will be voiced by Justin Roiland again, making it also stimulating for the fans. And for the voice actors for the other roles, there won’t be any changes as it might break the immersion. Apart from that, why does anyone need to change a winning formula?


Dan Harmon, one of the co-creators of the show has been particularly active on social media, going live on Instagram has discussed with fans some of his musings and some of the worries he has with the new season. According to him, it all sounds cool and empowering together. A lot of notions have been put forward, such as, and one of the ends is that Morty might be buying a vessel, or Jerry might be building a log stop with hair. That explains that it’s as crazy as it has ever been.

This is all the news on season five of “Rick and Morty.” It’s still early days after the full season four was released, so stay connected, and we will surely bring any new news to you.