Tyres are essential for the safety of the vehicle and its driver. Thus, changing the tyres is a good idea if the tyres don’t perform adequately.

Old, bald, and damaged tyres are extremely dangerous for your vehicle. They cannot perform on the roads with precision. Although tyre replacement is an expensive procedure but nothing is more important than your safety on the road.

Therefore, tyre replacement is necessary but most of the car drivers miss the correct time to change the tyres.

If you too want to replace your tyres, we can help you. Just read this guide until the end and get your answers. Moreover, in this blog, we are going to mention some of the most essential factors to determine whether your tyres need a replacement or not.

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Damaged tyres

This is the most apparent reason for replacing your car’s tyres. If your tyres have faced several punctures and your mechanic tells you that your tyres are not repairable, you have to replace your tyres.

Sometimes, it is hard to detect the damage because of the small size of holes in the tyre. Thus, you need the help of an expert to ensure if the tyres are safe to use.

Any signs of cuts or sharp objects stuck in the tyres are vital signs that indicate you need a replacement as soon as possible. If your tyres are not severely damaged, you have to keep an eye on the slightly damaged areas. Remove the stuck objects if you can or just visit a garage.

Tread wear

Tread on the tyres are not just designs but these patterns on the tyres play a vital role in enhancing the performance of the tyres. Therefore, driving with bald tyres is unsafe for drivers. This is the reason you should replace your tyres if you observe uneven tread wear.

Tyre brands are making highly durable tyres but you cannot expect them to last forever.

Tread wear rate depends on the driving style, road conditions, weather, the distance covered by the vehicle, and quality of maintenance.


Nowadays, drivers prefer to have two sets of tyres. One for the winter season and other for the summers. Usually, summer tyres do not show optimal performance on snowy and icy roads. On the other hand, winter tyres are only masters of running on the roads in cold weather.

Therefore, you should replace your tyres Uxbridge as the weather changes.

User’s manual recommendations

The user’s manual you get with the car states the time when you should change your tyres. Generally, drivers should change the tyres after every 6 years. Thus, remember this thumb rule and consider other factors as well before you finally change your tyres.

Bottom Line

The safety of your car highly depends on the health of your tyres. As you the tyre industry manufactures different tyres, it is advisable to put your faith on Dunlop Tyres Uxbridge. In case you want top-notch tyres from the industry, visit us, at M & C Tyres and buy your favourite tyres at the best prices.