Low back pain Physiotherapy Mississauga is a very common problem. That almost everyone faces. There is not a certain age group that goes through this problem. Anyone from a teenager to an old man can have lower back pain. This back pain can arise due to several reasons. But for the accurate reason, one should always go see a doctor and get to know why they are facing this problem and going through this pain. It can be due to some neurology disorder or even can be because of some stroke that the person was facing. Almost 80 percent of people experience lower back pain. Especially the ones who have to sit on their chair for almost eight hours and do their work in the same position.

If a person does not treat the lower back problem as soon as possible it can be converted into some serious injury. And that can result in way more problems rather than the one which the person is facing right now. Many people do sudden movements carelessly which can also cause back pain. Or even do not keep their posture right. Which is also one of the most common reasons. Or they lift some real heavy objects. That can also cause some injury in the back.

Only a certified doctor or physiotherapist can tell the patient why they are having he back pains. It is due to some problem in their spinal cord. Or if the disc is not in the right position. Are they having any arthritis problem or is there a kidney infection that they did not know about. There can be even some infection in the spine which can cause these pains. They can make it difficult for the person to sit or even stand.

How much time does it take to recover?

This is a question that cannot be answered generally. Because it depends upon the condition of the patient. The problem that the patient is feeling and also how the doctor should be treating that problem. The solution is not very easy. The doctor might prescribe you some medicines and even some light exercises which will make the pain go away. These pain can last to some days or even months. Because the back pain lasts longer as one needs to move their back to even get up from their bed. Lower back pain mostly occurs in older people. As their bones are not as strong as they used to be. This is also one of the things that happen when a person’s body is aging. Because when the body is aging there is a reduction of fluid in the spine of a human body.

That is why people usually take medicines and other vitamins so that their bones stay strong. Because if their bones and muscles are strong then they can have a healthy lifestyle. But if they have weak bones then they cannot have a lifestyle which they want to have.

What will the physiotherapist do?

The first thing that you need to do when you experience lower back pain is that you go see a doctor. The doctor will see your history and may also run some tests. The physical examination is very important when it comes to back pain. Because without the physical examination the doctor won’t be able to diagnose properly. They might even ask you to do some light exercises so that they can know where the problem is and what the solution should be.

You are one of the people who can solve the back problem. Because if you do not listen to your doctor properly and do not get the whole treatment. Then you won’t be able to get better. The doctor might tell you to do some weight loss. Or even if you are suffering from fever then they might run some tests. But in the end, they will provide you with a complete diagnosis.