Gambling can be seen as a bit of harmless escapism but at the end of the day it is down to the individual to keep control of their spending. Despite the need for individual responsibility when it comes to gambling, some governments like to dictate to their citizens when it comes to whether you can or cannot gamble.

All countries have gambling laws and there is no denying that they are needed, this is mostly to protect punters from dishonest gambling practices on slot sites like Slots Racer. Despite the need for laws, most countries have a relaxed attitude towards gambling and they welcome the huge revenue that gamblers produce for the economy. 

However, there are countries where all forms of gambling, including slot gambling is highly illegal and any citizens caught gambling are prosecuted. The problem with outright gambling bans is that they drive gambling underground, where it cannot be regulated and where punters cannot be protected.

History illustrates this well and gambling bans in the USA did far more bad than good. In fact, gambling bans encouraged organized criminals to muscle in on the gambling industry and in some parts they even took over. 

Countries Where Gambling Is Outlawed 

Much of Europe is friendly towards gambling and whilst it is not encouraged, it is part of mainstream culture. In the UK, gambling brands freely sponsor hit TV shows and TV channels.  However, in many countries where gambling is forbidden, the main reasons behind this are usually because of political ideologies or religious beliefs. Communist countries and Islamic countries have very strict anti gambling laws and this is highly unlikely to change. 


Cambodia did not always have an anti gambling attitude, it was only when citizens became addicted to gambling, that the ban was introduced. Now all forms of gambling including slots are outlawed. However, it is legal to bet on the 5 privately run lotteries sponsored by the government. The 1996 Suppression Of Gambling Act only applies to citizens, foreigners and tourists are free to gamble in the few casinos that cater especially for them. 


Qatar has the strictest anti gambling laws in the world and all forms of gambling are against the law. All internet traffic is strictly monitored and online casinos are blocked by the government. However, illegal gambling is flourishing in Qatar and all of this happens in secret gambling dens that offer no protection to punters. Many citizens use technology to beat the internet ban too and this helps them access illegal online casinos. 


The biggest communist country of them all is China and gambling there remains against the law and has done so for many years. China is the home of the biggest gambling resort in the world and it is the only place in China where gambling is legal. The entire local economy is built on gambling revenue and Macau has become more profitable than Las Vegas. It remains the number one gambling tourist attraction in the world and has so far escaped the attentions of the communist government.