Most enterprises are now shifting legacy infrastructure to the cloud for reaping numerous benefits of resource efficiency. With a strong desire to jump to the cloud, organizations often find themselves stranded without any guidance on cloud computing. Therefore, the need for a good AWS consulting partner becomes inevitable for almost all enterprises.

An AWS consultant partner can help you find the ideal strategy to move ahead with your AWS transformation journey. The consultant partner can plan out the roadmap for taking your business to the cloud. However, many enterprises constantly face a prominent setback in selecting the ideal AWS consultant partner according to your requirements. The multitude of service providers claiming to be top players in AWS consulting can confuse a business owner. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about such concerns with the services of a good AWS consulting partner in India, Whizlabs. Let us find out how Whizlabs is an ideal choice for you to obtain reliable AWS consulting services.


One of the first details about Whizlabs is its long journey of almost 20 years in the field of technology. The company has served as a trustworthy platform for many professionals achieve reliable online training in different disciplines. Dabbling in the intricacies of cloud computing on different platforms for a long time, Whizlabs has extended its AWS consulting services for customers recently. The vision of the leadership team of Whizlabs to drive transformation through innovation is one of the foremost favorable highlights that you can find with a credible AWS consultant firm. Among the many reasons to validate Whizlabs as a good AWS consulting partner, the experience of Whizlabs of 20 years in the tech industry stands top.

Steps Followed by Whizlabs for AWS Consulting

Before understanding the reasons to consider Whizlabs as the best AWS consulting partner in India, it is important to reflect briefly on their approach. Furthermore, we should note the different services Whizlabs specializes in for AWS consulting. Here is an outline of the different processes that Whizlabs follows in its approach towards

designing your AWS journey. Evaluation

Whizlabs qualifies as a good AWS consulting partner right from the first stage. The team at Whizlabs dives head-on first into the requirements and challenges of an enterprise. The evaluation process helps Whizlabs determine the objectives of an enterprise’s cloud journey. Why do you want to move to the cloud? Who do you want to target? What are your expected profits? What are your budget constraints? A through outline of these factors can help an enterprise come up with realistic and achievable goals for their cloud transformation journey.


The next step in the process of Whizlabs is design. The team of AWS consultants at Whizlabs would help you come up with a feasible and efficient AWS cloud infrastructure design. Whizlabs provides assurance for creation of the right infrastructure design by reflecting on all aspects of the concerned enterprise. As a result, you can access all functionalities of your legacy infrastructure right on your cloud infrastructure with ease.


Whizlabs also qualifies as a good AWS consulting partner because of its focus on management of AWS infrastructure for an organization. Consultants and teams at Whizlabs can provide reliable guidance and support with information on best practices for adoption and implementation of the cloud infrastructure.


Whizlabs can help organizations scale their infrastructure according to their needs. As a result, you would gain the advantages of cost-effectiveness and resource efficiency without compromising on performance. In addition, Whizlabs shines bright in its role as an AWS consultant partner by implementing a flexible design vision. Therefore, enterprises could easily achieve the objective of sustainability in the design of their cloud infrastructure.

AWS Consulting Services of Whizlabs

Whizlabs provides its AWS consulting services with specialization in the following AWS offerings.

• Amazon EC2: Whizlabs can leverage its Amazon EC2 expertise for creation of virtual servers capable of higher levels of throughput.

• Amazon S3: Whizlabs can provide reliable support for management of high storage system with S3 for supporting global networking among sites.

• Amazon VPC: Whizlabs provides efficient management of virtual private cloud with productivity and higher cost-efficiency.

• Amazon RDS: Whizlabs also provides specialized services for establishing your database and configuring it for higher performance, reliability and scalability.

Are You Ready to Choose Whizlabs?

So, now you could clearly notice how Whizlabs is a good AWS consultant partner for you. The experience of Whizlabs in tech industry and its team of adept AWS experts can help you gain promising benefits. For example, you have the assurance of quality, security and performance with experience AWS consultants at Whizlabs. In addition, Whizlabs also provides the guarantee for full management of your server-related workloads. The most striking highlight about Whizlabs as an AWS consultant partner is the facility of round the clock customer support. The overall impact of all these benefits can empower you to focus more on core tasks for improving your ROI and productivity. Choose Whizlabs right now for top-of-the-class AWS consulting services!

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