Eliminating body or facial hair is one of our priorities, there are no doubts here. But do I use hot or cold war? We give you the keys so that, finally, this eternal dilemma is resolved. Choose the most suitable formula according to your preferences or needs. Thus, you will get the most out of your choice. Get the hair out of all areas and at any time of the year!

What hot or cold wax shares

Before seeing their differences, it is worth remembering what are the advantages that both options share. Because, with the hot or cold war, you can pull out the hair by the roots, allowing you to stay with your skin perfectly depilated for more days. In addition, with the prolonged use of wax as a depilatory system, the follicle weakens, and with the years less and weaker hair is born.
It is also interesting to note that it is a very interesting hair removal system from an economic point of view and take beauty distributors. The efficiency-price ratio, in the case of a hot or cold war, is totally advantageous. It is even very convenient to have everything you need with a single gesture, purchasing a hot wax kit or a cold wax kit. And do not forget how important it is to apply depilatory wax posts!
When to use hot wax
Of the two options, hot or cold war, the first problem that arises is that of heating the wax. However, it has an indisputable advantage over the cold option: due to the increase in temperature, the pore opens and the hair offers less resistance. Simply put, the pull is less painful. But, this high temperature is also its main drawback if you have varicose veins or circulatory problems.
Hot wax is especially recommended for areas where the hair is stronger and thicker. This is the case of armpits or English. And, in general, it is the main reason why it is recommended as the best option for men since their hair is usually hairier and thicker.

When cold bands are preferable

If there is a very noticeable difference between hot or cold war, it is the one that refers to comfort, although the roll-on heater system has largely alleviated this difference. The cold wax bands are hands down more practical and easier to use, there is no container to clean, no splashing. In addition, they are more hygienic, because they are thrown away after their only use. But remember, it is somewhat more painful.
The cold war is best when you have sensitive skin. if you love trendy fashion It is also a more effective solution when you have to wax quickly. If you have ingrown or unruly hair, you will have to go over it with tweezers to ensure optimal results.