If your aim is to go abroad for further studies to boost your career prospects, then Australia is a good choice. Australia is a great place for higher education as it provides an opportunity to pursue world-class education from renowned universities, employment opportunities and an excellent standard of living. As per findings, out of the 100 top universities in the world, 8 are located in Australia. When you study in Australia, you may get a chance to work and finally settle down there. If you are considering permanent residency in Australia, you need to know about the courses that have more scope in Australia.

As far as courses are concerned, professional or vocational courses can kick-start your career. Popularly known as VET or vocational education and training courses, these are offered by recognized Australian educational institutes. Most of the courses are based on a partnership between the education provider and the industry. The courses are developed together by the government and the industry. Vocational training can be taken from Technical and Further Education institutes (TAFE), universities, private colleges, and schools. The contents of vocational courses are practical and job oriented and that equip you for a particular line of work. The courses are available in streams like hospitality, tourism, business, marketing, computing, etc. Students who get enrolled in vocational courses are assessed through class attendance, assignments, practical skills, tests and active participation in class. Students completing vocational courses successfully are awarded a Certificate or Diploma.

Reasons to study in Australia

There are several valid reasons to study in Australia. The country has a strong reputation for the best quality of education and has the highest percentage of highly educated people and a high literate rate in the world. The first and foremost benefit of studying in Australia is that the schools, colleges, and universities in Australia impart the practical skills and knowledge in chosen fields. The number of government-funded universities in Australia is 37 and that the private one is 2. The education provider in Australia has a different approach altogether when it comes to teaching and they always encourage thought-leading creativity in students of all disciplines. Besides the place also have some outstanding faculty members, student support services and top-rated training facilities.

Furthermore, you can earn while studying in Australia as you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week while your semester is continuous and full time during breaks. Besides, it is a welcoming and safe place to stay.

Courses having more scope

The following are some of the selected courses that offer more scope in Australia.

• Aged care courses
There has been an exponential growth in Australia’s aged care industry and both government and private sector companies are making a significant contribution. Since the number of aged population in Australia is gradually on the rise, aged care courses in Perth provides immense opportunity. It is expected that there will be a sharp increase in demand for aged care workers in the coming 40 years. The most obvious reason for the increasing demand is the non-availability of informal caregivers and the increasing number of elders suffering from dementia.

• Early childhood education and care courses
If you are interested in childhood development and would like to take it as a career, then early childhood education and care courses in Perth would provide you the right opportunity. This course will educate you about theoretical and practical aspects of early childhood development up to the age of 12 including children’s basic health, behavior, safety, environment, and learning mechanisms. This course will also teach you about developing an early childhood education curriculum. Upon completion of the course, you can work as a childcare worker, preschool teacher, teaching assistant, personal caregiver, etc.

• Hospitality courses
Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world and Australia is no exception. Going for hospitality courses will open up new opportunities because in Australia is facing a severe shortage of skilled personnel. The situation is such that Australia needs to hire workers from overseas to fill the gap. In addition, a number of leading international hotel chains are coming up. Studying hospitality courses in Perth will enable you to enter the travel and tourism industry which makes a significant contribution to the Australian economy. Besides, you can work for hospitals, hotels, luxury services, and events.

• Business management courses
You should consider studying business management in Australia because of the benefits it offers. Institutes in Australia offer high-quality business management courses in Perth making it very popular among international students. The wide range of specializations, work experience, and globally recognized qualification offers you great scope in your home country and abroad as well. The courses focus on independent thinking, leadership skills, and ethics which employers look for.

• Electrician courses
Electricians are in high demand in Australia. Designations and responsibilities may differ, for instance, electrical fitter, electrician, domestic electrician, industrial electrician, electrical contractor and lift electrician. When you get enrolled in electrician courses, you get to learn about handling a number of issues including lights, electrical power, and control systems.

• Nursing courses
Nursing is one course that will always be in demand in Australia. Since there is a lack of skilled and qualified nurses in Australia, nursing courses have more scope there. For this reason, at present, more work visas are being granted to qualified nurses as compared to any other profession. Various categories of nursing professionals are in demand such as a surgical nurse, nurse practitioner and aged care registered nurse. As per the Skilled Occupation stream, the country has set aside 17,000 positions for registered nurses and this number is just half the total number of nurses required to fill the positions.


When you consider pursuing an education in Australia, it is of utmost importance to choose the vocational training institute wisely. They browse and compare courses online and help you choose the course depending on your requirements and schedule. In addition, such an institute offers a wide range of courses from top course providers in a single place. Choose from a wide range of vocational courses with great scope.