Making soap boxes for a living can be a rewarding and fun-filled activity. You can find a large number of wholesale soap boxes making supplies on the internet. Believe me, I am a soap boxes wholesale maker myself. I started making homemade soaps when a friend of mine who suffered from dry skin got cured. I was surprised by the improvement in his skin and asked him what he was doing with his skin. He told me he was religiously using goat milk-based glycerin soap. That evening, after office hours, I researched glycerin and glycerin soaps.

Knowing the basics of glycerin, I told myself that, in my way, I could help my brother who suffered from eczema; a skin condition characterized by red, itchy skin, and the formation of scaly or crusty patches. And who would have thought that I could make a living making soap boxes wholesale? I thought to myself that I could make soap boxes wholesale in my spare time and earn money from it. At first, I only made a few soap boxes wholesale through the soap making process called the “melt and pour method”. I found helpful websites that taught me the correct way to make glycerin soaps.

When I gave my brother soap, tailored to his needs, he laughed a little because he thought the soap was too feminine. I just convinced him to use it and see the results for himself. After 4 weeks of using the soap I gave him, my brother noticed that his eczema was under control. And you no longer need to use lotions to hydrate your skin.


My brother’s co-teachers wondered how his eczema was treated and told them I gave him homemade soap. They wanted some too, that’s how I got my customer base. I saw the need to buy wholesale soap-making supplies; I found the internet to be my trusted companion as there are no soap making supply stores near our place.


Among the top three websites, I visited to shop for soap making supplies were Elements Bath & Body, Essential Wholesale, and Soap Crafters. Elements Bath & Body has all the wholesale soap making supplies you will need on your next soap-making project. They offer a wide range of soap dishes, bath and body items, and recipes for making soap. Essential Wholesale, on the other hand, has one of the largest selections of natural and organic soap bases and other cosmetic supplies. They also offer soap additives such as perfumes and other aromatherapy supplies.


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