Kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly one of the most essential and important elements in any kitchen. Not only these cabinets help in proper organization, but their aesthetic appearance also boosts the overall look of the kitchen. Most people install a cabinet that beautifully compliments the other kitchen elements. As a homeowner, you can choose a kitchen cabinet based on the material, color, built, style, budget, and other relevant parameters. You should be very careful with the cabinet color because it can either make your kitchen look beautiful or dull. Over the years, people have been going gaga over the white kitchen cabinets, but this trend seems to be decreasing with the continually increasing kitchen cabinet options.

Black kitchen cabinets have made a place in peoples’ wish list because of its sophisticated and modern looks. Though two-tone kitchen cabinets are also popular these days, when it comes to single-color cabinetry, then white kitchen cabinets are clearly losing its charm. People are now more inclined towards black color kitchen cabinets because of various reasons, especially in the United States. If you’re trying to figure out as to why the black kitchen cabinets are becoming so popular in the US, then read ahead.

Black Kitchen Cabinets – Why are they so popular in the US?

They Don’t Require High Maintenance to Look Good

No matter how much you love your kitchen, you cannot always have the time to clean it regularly. One of the best characters of black color is that it overshadows dirt and dust. It means your kitchen won’t look dirty, even if you don’t clean black cabinets often. Homeowners having white cabinets installed in their kitchen often complain about the high maintenance required to maintain their looks. As the kitchen is a functional part of your home, you would always want it to look tidy and beautiful. It is where a black colored cabinet can come to your rescue. Another significant aspect of having black kitchen cabinets installed is that you can clean the cabinets with an easy wipe.

Compliments Metallic Details

Just like any other cabinet, even black kitchen cabinets need somewhere to indicate the opening of drawers and doors. It can become even more tedious to find it in dim lights. To indicate the opening space, black colored cabinets have handles that are very prominent. All the metallic fixtures, like the cabinet’s hinges and handles, become more visible against the dark background. It is why many people add modern stainless steel pulls or period brass knobs that also influence the look of the kitchen. If most of your kitchen appliances and elements, like- stove ovens, dishwasher, refrigerator, and others, are of black or silver color, then it will complement the black cabinets having metallic fixtures even more.

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets Takes Away the Shiny Look

There are various options related to black cabinets, but the matte black version is the best of them all. If you don’t like the shiny or bright look of your kitchen, then you can consider installing matte black colored kitchen cabinets. Black is a bold and sophisticated color that absorbs the extra light present in the room, making your kitchen less bright. Another plus point of matte black cabinets is that these cabinets exude calmness and promotes tranquility.

Experimenting with Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets Becomes Easier

When we talk about kitchen cabinets, the influence of two-tone kitchen cabinets cannot be ignored. Its demand has also been increasing over a period of time, and it provides more variety to your home kitchen. Usually, the traditional pattern has long been cream/white (basically light color) cabinets at on top, and darker colored kitchen cabinets at the bottom/base. The fun part is you can install black kitchen cabinets at the base and experiment with the cabinet colors at the top. As black goes with almost every color, it will be a delight to experiment and find unique and enticing two-tone cabinet combinations. Try to go for light-colored cabinets that best compliment black, and adds an eye-catchy look.

Black is a Psychologically Compelling Color

A lot of interior designers have high regard for black color because it is often read as a sophisticated and bold color that is a little mysterious. Most of the luxury cars, that “one” black dress that you always wanted to buy, expensive tuxedo suits, and more are often black. It won’t be incorrect to say that black is associated with luxury, and havin

Fixing the Surface is Easier

People having black kitchen cabinets installed have less to worry about. If the black cabinet receives a little scratch or discoloration, then you don’t have to do a lot to cover it up. Black is a very forgiving color, so you’re good to go with very few touch-ups. On the contrary, kitchen cabinets having a light color will drain your energy in fixing the same. A positive character of black is that it faces less discoloration when compared to other colors. On the other hand, light-colored cabinets’ surface may get affected by the smoke or cooking grease; the black cabinet will remain relatively unaffected.

In addition to the points shard-above, one more positive character of black kitchen cabinets that deserves your attention is its pricing. You can come across a variety of black colored kitchen cabinets in a wide pricing range. Irrespective of your budget, you can easily find one that suits both your budget and requirements. With so many positives on the platter, you should not think twice before installing these cabinets in your kitchen. If you’re ready to make your kitchen look inviting and classic, where the interiors are well-coordinated, then the black cabinets are for you.