Healthcare professionals, not only in Singapore but across the globe as well, recommend getting childhood vaccinations.

If you’re a first-time parent, this can feel overwhelming and even confusing at times. You wonder if it’s safe, how your child will respond to it, and where you should get started.

children vaccination

Developing immunity against common diseases

Newborns acquire antibodies from their mothers but these go away after a year. After that, children establish immunity as they become exposed to diseases.

The body develops antibodies to fight disease-causing germs or antigens. The next time children come in contact with the same antigens, their bodies will be able to produce antibodies fast enough to keep them from being sick.

But this means that children have to endure the disease first before they develop immunity against it. Childhood vaccination in Singapore offers a solution to this.

How vaccines work

Vaccines contain a dead or weakened version of the antigen found in a disease.

Children are exposed to the disease through the vaccine, but they don’t get sick. Instead, their bodies build antibodies that serve as their protection once they’re exposed to the actual antigen or disease.

Why childhood vaccinations are crucial

child vaccination

Here are more reasons why getting childhood vaccination in Singapore, or wherever you’re based for that matter, is necessary.

Saves lives.

Many diseases that have claimed several lives around the world can now be prevented, thanks to vaccines. Polio, measles, tetanus, and many other illnesses can spread from child to child. Getting child vaccinations in Singapore can help shield your little one against these life-threatening diseases and also protect those around them that aren’t able to receive vaccines. This includes very young children, those with allergies, and those with frail immune systems due to medical conditions.

Proven safe and effective.

It’s normal to be worried about your child’s safety. But vaccines are safe to be administered to children and have undergone long studies before they were approved for public use. While it’s true that vaccines may cause some level of discomfort, the benefits that children get from them are much more significant. The redness or pain in the vaccinated area should go away shortly, but the immunity that your child will receive will last them a long time. As long as you’re going to a trusted healthcare professional in Singapore, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.

Reduces healthcare costs.

Prevention is always more practical than cure. Would you wait until your little one falls ill or would you rather keep them from getting sick? One vaccine can save you several days at the hospital and piles of prescriptions. Your child can avoid missing school and you don’t have to skip work, too. You probably already spend on safety equipment, such as car seats, and also choose high-quality products for your child’s everyday use. Vaccines are similar investments and even more important at that.

Coordinate closely with your pedia or family doctor to find out which childhood vaccination in Singapore you should be getting and when. Immunisations are crucial, and they benefit not only those who receive them but also the community around them.