Are you facing the problem of HP printers not printing black and your chosen color shade perfectly?  Well, you do not accept this misconception that their printer is not printing black. Nothing seems pretty unless there is a good combination of other colors rather than black and white colors. This world has been filled with many bright colors and one should have to select their distinguished color pattern. This would be a very bad experience when you visualize everything in the black and white colors. The acceptance of this thing indicates that you will get a dull and boring visual effect.  The same thing will be applicable for the printer and none of you preferred to black color only.

 Reason for the occurrence Why HP Printer Printing Wrong colors: Without using the printer head, none of you can predict this fact for offering the unexpected color printout. There might be some shortage in the printhead of the printer. This is one of the principal causes of the unexpected printing outcome in printers. On another hand, there might be a shortage of ink volume that does not lead to producing the ideal and effective printout. So, you must have to figure out the reason for the hp printer printing the wrong colors. There might be a production of other colors even if you have used the black, white and other respected colors.

 But there is no surety that one step will be applied to get rid of the wrong color outcome. In case one method does not work properly, then you must implement the other methods. A normal person does not know the good method to beat this technical blunder easily.

 Enable the print command Why HP Printer Printing Wrong colors

 Nothing method should be helpful to return back the standard color printing once you activate the HP printer color print command. So, it is the first priority that you should have to check out the default setting. Henceforth, you must enable the print command if it disabled for hp printer printing wrong colors. Now, you would have to follow the below-mentioned steps to perform this task.

  1.     First of all, you must have to go on the start option and do respective changes in setting options.
  2.     From the setting menu, you must have to click on printers.
  3.     In order to check out the hidden property, you must right click on the printer icon and select properties.
  4.     From the properties page, you must have to click on the printing preference.
  5.     After a while, you must click on the paper quality tab and select color. Click ok and exit from the page.
  6.     Now, you would have to perform the print test and achieve the color print of your choice.
  7.     On the other hand, you can check out the grayscale printing option under the printing preference option. You do not find the color printing facility in case your printer icon is disabled.
  8.     With the follow up of the above-mentioned troubleshooting option, the color setting in printing empowers your business, education and other business fields.



In case you are finding the difficulty to get the effective printing of an HP printer, then you must consult our technical support team. They will guide you on how to deal with the hp printer printing wrong colors and you can use the money in a better way. It is your preference that you want to get the solution to the problem at which time. We have emerged as the best technical support team whose member gives the best solution to all problems shortly. In the super emergency case, you ought to dial our toll-free numbers to file a complaint.


Steps for 123 hp printer DeskJet 3630 setup 

 Hp printer DeskJet 3630 is designed to bring you high-quality printing and scanning output. The full packages of the 123 hp printer contain the cord, black and tri-color cartridges, installation of CD and USB cable for physical set up. This energy product indicates that low power consumption would be found in this. This printer various advanced things ranging from HP smart application, HP e-print, Amazon fire devices, and many other essential key features. In case you are willing to achieve standard quality printing, then it is recommended that you must use the genuine HP ink cartridges. Also, you ensure that there is sufficient ink volume to do a printout.

 You must use the suitable paper size in the paper tray in order to jam errors in the printer. In addition to this, you must check out this thing that the paper setting in the display matches the loaded input paper tray.

 How to do a 123 hp printer setup?

 Step 1: do the unboxing of the package

  1.    The first step leads to the unboxing of the packages. Here, you must use USB cable, power cord and ink cartridge safely.


  1. After some time, you must rotate the box to bring the printer safety from the box. You must remove this package safely and remove it foam.


Step 2: Power of the printer


  1.     First of all, you must unbox the pack and take the power cord and open it. Now, you would have to pick one side of the cord and plug it in the power cord.


  1. Now, you ought to place the printer on the even surface and do the plugin.


  1. This process takes time to get started. In case you meet some issues, you must visit 123.hp.setup  for learning a 123 hp printer DeskJet 3630 setup.


Step3How to do hp printer DeskJet 3630

  1.     As soon as the printer stops to initiate the work, you must open the access door and wait for the cartridges to come.
  2.     Once you take out the ink cartridge from the printer, you need to remove the protective tab from the cartridges.
  3.     Also, you do not need to touch these copper contacts. In case you do this thing, the ink nozzle can damage a great extent.
  4.     Hold the cartridges and snap it into an upright direction.



 In case you follow the above steps, this is the definite thing that you can do with the HP printer DeskJet 3630 setup. However, it is expected that you must have to follow these steps carefully. Otherwise, you cannot overcome the problem easily. In the emergency case, you must dial our toll-free number for sure error removal.