What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders are the companies that play many roles in taking care of import and export trade for the business. They help in taking care of the consignment by arranging, storing, tracking, transportation, insurance, certification, billing and deliverance of the merchandise.

They even organise the carrying of the supplies through various channels like ships, roadways, and rail or airways.

Services provided 

They diminish the stress of going throughout the entire process of the subsequent services.

  • Insurance of the goods
  • Customs clearing process
  • Packaging of the manufactured goods
  • International export and trade-in
  • Cargo space and management of inventory

Why should you bring into play use of freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is used for import and export of merchandise and services, which requires a lot of documentation and regulations, that vary from country to country, like a freight forwarder company in Dubai have different rules set up as compared to a company in the USA, and these protocols need to be followed properly. A lot of companies who are into importing and exporting business hire forwarders who carries these processes for them.

They work like a helping hand to the business by running these processes smoothly. There are many Advantages that freight forwarders can provide you if you hire them. They handle international services of insurance and certification as well.

They even provide warehouse, handle global expenses and handle risk evaluation and supervision as well. They even come with personal communiqué and customer services to help whenever additional help is required.

How they are valuable for the industry

Hiring these companies will help to take your load off all the paperwork and documents and other processes that are required for shipment. This will allow you to save a lot of capital and time.  

Different stages of freight forwarding

Different stages of these process, explained between Dubai and USA

Export delivery: It is transmit of merchandise from the factory to the storehouse of the freight forwarding company in Dubai.

Clearance: After the package is delivered, clearance is provided for merchandise to be transferred from Dubai to USA.

Handling of the goods: in this stage, goods are unloaded and certification is inspected and validated.

Customs checks: This is where the consignment will be checked by the customs officers to see if the paperwork and documentation matches the description of the cargo.

Shift of consignment: After clearance, the cargo is then transferred through the mode of transport to the intended import storehouse

The final shift: The shipment is then transferred from the warehouse to the last destination of the recipient.

Hold-up in delivering of shipment is not in their hands

Delaying of a shipment can be due to many reasons: bad weather, change in route, breakdown of vehicle and many other natural causes, where freight forwarder companies can’t be held accountable for any loss or delays.

Documents provided 

The whole procedure requires a lot of official procedure and permits. These documents are required for delivery of the whole procedure smoothly. Some of the papers which will be provided to you by the freight forwarding corporation are:

  • Bill of contract’
  • Invoice
  • Licences
  • Packing list
  • Shipping documents
  • Documentation of origin account

Summing up:

Before hiring any company, check with freight forwarder association, they usually tend to have a good connection with the shipping company to ensure smooth and quick delivery. If you are able to find information on trusted sources about the company being reliable then you can be assured of a stress-free experience.

If you want to take the maximum benefit of the service then you should check thoroughly that the company’s recommendations match your requirement. It’s always advisable that you choose the one according to your business requirements. This will ensure the value and security of merchandise and products.

Freight forwarders companies in Dubai – 

Many shipping companies in Dubai hire freight forwarders to take care of their trades when it comes to shipping merchandise from one country to another. Many freight forwarding companies in Dubai provide efficient and reliable services at low cost.