Every body who is a regular user of internet and is fond of gaming, surfing , and even any corporate person, should have the knowledge about wifi connections. And these wifi connections can be extended to a wider range may be home or office, for more convenient and easy use of computers . For this purpose an excellent device is used Mywifi extender. This is a wonderful device which increases the range and fasten the connectivy by no time. You just have to login this with your pc. And Mywifiext is the site which make this possible.

About Mywifiext.net

This is an exclusive site designed for the login process of Mywifi Extender. The process is very simple and anyone can access it within minutes.You just have to go to the site through your browser and open the login page. Now create an account and go as per the instructions . And you are logged in so easily.

A few essential things should be remembered:

  • Good internet connection is required.
  • Properly connect the extender and check there is no loose connection.
  • Type the username password properly.
  • The Mywifi Extender and the router must be within range.
  • Your browser must updated.

What is MyWifi Extender

This is a device which helps to extend the range of your wifi connection , so that you can use your pc at your favourite location anywhere. Its very user friendly and helpful device. This s the best extender compare to other devices in the market. It provides much faster internet connectivity than others. This Mywifi Extender can be logged in through mywifi.net site (For apple users Mywifiext) or simply by WPS.

Simple process of WPS:

  1. Plug in your pc, extender and router near to each other.
  2. Now press the WPS button on the extender.
  3. Next press the WPS button on your router.
  4. Wait for the green led light to be lit on both extender and router.
  5. If yes then thumps up you are ready to go.
  6. If the led light is red then its not connected.
  7. Then bring the router near to the extender.
  8. Now check the led lights if its green.
  9. Repeat till you get the exact place for your range.
  10. Once both the lights are green you can sit back and enjoy your pc.

This is an alternative process to login. But the main process to connect the Mywifi Extender is through Mywifiext. The site which is just made for you to login simply and efficiently.This s one of the most eligant sites with very simple and reliable login process.


Now once you are logged in always be careful while logging to the site. Like properly check connections. Uninterrupted services of internet, updated browser and going through the login page informations very thoroughly. After login if you face some problems then you can reset your extender, or get suggestions from our experts via customer care.