After completing 10+2, the most crucial phase of the life strikes where you take a decision to shape up your professional career. Nowadays, students are keener towards professional degrees rather than the foundation university programs. The reason is quite clear that they get the opportunity to gain more exposure of corporate world and other workplace-related skills.

Due to students’ inclination towards professional degree, the BBA course joined the league of the most demanded courses across the universities and colleges. In fact, it is the second preference for science students after engineering. This post will also feature the strong reasons why choose BBA over the other professional degrees and how it can get you the success ladder.

Let’s discuss how BBA always puts you in winning side:-

Professional approach

The study of BBA develops the professional approach among the students and helps them in their intuitional growth. This professional readiness is a necessary characteristic for multi-dimensional growth and once you develop such a trait, it remains with you for lifetime. A lifelong learning is what a BBA program promises.

Experiential study

There is no need to mention that BBA is different from foundation programs and include the realistic case studies in its curriculum. The experiential study always keeps the students engaged and intrigued with the subjects of BBA. On the other hand, the regular degree programs are a bit boring and create monotony for the students.

Focus on all-round development

BBA program focuses on brushing up the overall persona of the students. Not only studious but the BBA students are exceptional in communication and their remarkable presentation skills also bid a mention. Soft skill training, personality development, interview training, etc. are the value-added programs and they’re part of the courses.

Industry exposure

Industry exposure in a BBA program is sometimes better than the engineering degrees. The industrial internships are part of the program and students are provided with an opportunity to complete their internships in core professional environment. It helps them learn the etiquettes of corporate world and they become job-ready after the completion of BBA degree.

Perfect platform for MBA

If MBA is your long-term goal, then no graduation degree can help you better than a BBA degree. What you learn at fundamental level in BBA, same course is advanced in the curriculum of an MBA. It means you get strong in managerial concepts and leadership theories from the core if you prefer to do BBA before an MBA.

Better placement

After an engineering degree, the most lucrative placement is of BBA in India if you have really attained your degree from a good college. You open up multiple avenues like banking sector, real estate, business consulting, retail, FMCG, etc. after completion of your BBA.

Final Words

Now you have so many reasons to tell when someone asks why you want to choose BBA over others. Make sure to apply for this wonderful course from one of the top-notch universities or b-schools.