Set up by the Dayanand Foundation in the year 2017 Venkateshwar World School, Pune, Maharashtra was the dream to provide better education opportunities to all. This venture is set up by The VenkateshwarGroup of Schools and Hospitals. They work on the effective pedagogy of providing the best services to mankind in all fields. Within a span of a couple of years, VWS School in Pune has emerged out to be one of its kinds in the field of education. It works on the effective Ethos, Philosophy, and Established frameworks of its past endeavors.

VWS School in Pune has consistently pulled the students from everywhere throughout the nation and abroad by providing another level of study. This has encouraged even the parents to get their students to enrol each year when the new session begins. VWS School in Pune is a favored selection of guardians looking for admission.

Here are some facts about VWS School –

Training is a nonstop and endless procedure. 

Training ought to be a completely charming and energizing experience that will instill in the student’s energy to communicate and learn in a better way.
The teachers take interest in conversations and build up a moral and determined viewpoint of society – characteristics that are respectable as well as the seeds of progress.

Training has a duty to society – to give bright residents who can settle on the correct decisions.
What’s more, our point as teachers is to prepare understudies in agreement with worldwide advancement. Today, the VWS School in Pune is perceived as perhaps the best school in Pune.

As the world turns out to be progressively level, and patterns of progress become ever shorter, the great schools in Pune and the remainder of the nation must procure the capacity to keep up. Tomorrow’s victors should have the option to bring the change instead of simply responding to it.

Vision –
We imagine a development that praises learning, a framework that will engage ages of self-propelled achievers, questing in their picked fields of try – be it humanities, sciences – with themselves, society, and the world on the loose.
To make worldwide residents and pioneers of tomorrow through the customary estimations of affection, sympathy, order, and regard – 21st-century residents who think all-inclusive and act locally.

Mission –
To make keen pioneers through comprehensive instruction and deep-rooted learning.
To make a situation where custom modern education with learning, where the delight of understanding and imaginative reasoning is taught. All in all, at VWS School in Pune the teachers develop the power of critical thinking will build up abilities forever.

Why Choose Us –

With an amazing, grand, cooled homerooms and quiet, kid cordial condition, the V.W.S. is an inviting edge for delicate personalities to at last come to fruition as future worldwide residents with particular, all-encompassing characters, moral qualities and innovative edge to address the difficulties of the developing society.
Today, it is important to make your children learn all the possibilities of life. Educating a child with the syllabus is not the only criterion left today. Modern education with values of life is the core of education today.