The automated gates got huge popularity because they can protect the property and provide the utmost convenience to the homeowners. Earlier these gates were only limited to high profile offices, malls, or buildings but now you can find such gates almost in every house. People are going for these gates because they provide more protection and security to their homes, and they can also present in many shapes and designs making your driveway unique and attractive.

Benefits Of Getting Automated Gates 

Automated Gates

With the installation of automated gates, you also install your homes with a lot of benefits. Here you can find top benefits of these automated gates:

  • Everyone likes to have a private environment and intrusion in anyone’s privacy is never appreciated. Keeping this in mind, these gates are made to provide extreme privacy to the family. You can avail of the utmost privacy level by installing these gates in your home.
  • Homeowners feel more secured when they have automated gates in their driveway. If you have this type of gate in your home then you can control the opening and closing of the gate automatically. You can operate these gates by a remote control system and you do not need to spend your manual effort.
  • They serve your leisure and convenience of not getting up every time someone knocks at the door. This gate opens and closes automatically hence you don’t need to physically go to the door to operate it. These doors can be locked by card readers or keypads. They have a sensor system that can block the entry of any intruder.
  • The automated gates are cost-effective too, you don’t need any watchman or gatekeeper since the gate is enough in itself. So it saves the monthly salary of the guard. Besides that, you get discounts on insurance. It also helps in increasing the monetary value of your place.

Apart from the above important features, the automated gates infuse an aesthetic feel to your house. It makes your house stand out from others and you can customize these gates according to your needs. Plus, these gates are available in various colors, designs, and patterns. So you can choose the best design for your property.

Different Types Of Gates

Automated Gates

Once you have decided that you want to install the automated gates to your place, it is now your turn to select the type of the gate. Commonly there are five types of gates namely slide gates, swing gates, bi-folding gates, vertical liftgate, and barrier arm gate. You can see the working process of each of the gate and decide the one to get installed at your home. Swing gates are the type of automated gates that would enhance the look of their homes. Sliding gates give a more secure environment than swing gates.

Bi-folding gates are mostly refereed when you want to get high-speed gates at your home. These are highly sensitive doors and can open and close with very high speed. Vertical lift gates open up by moving vertically upwards and close by moving down. When installing this type of gates, towers are also installed at each side for their support. Barrier arm gate is found usually in parking lots but now they are also installed in houses.

While choosing the automated gates, you should consider several things like the size of the gates, the space it provides to move in and out, and the installation guidelines of the gates. The weight of the gate is essential to decide the operator to be used. The durability is another essential feature taken into consideration when selecting a perfect automated gate for your home.