Can you imagine that there was something with which you could ensure that your business makes a good impression on all your customers?Well, let us tell you that it exists and that you have it at your fingertips, the video and free animation maker!

Having an animated video as an intro in your website is the fastest way to get everyone to understand what your business consists of and what are the benefits of your proposal. Do you have doubts?

No problem!

Here are the top 2 reasons why animated videos giving out your introduction along with explanation of various services and products you offered can be irresistible for all users and how they will help you win customers.Get ready we start.

  1. Reading tires

Face it, we’ve all gotten lazier on the subject of reading. Or are you going to tell us that you’ve never entered a post and seeing that it was too long?you closed and went for another. 😉

Nothing happens. The same thing happens to all of us.Reading implies greater concentration on your part, that’s why it costs more and that’s why videos are so popular.With a video, you can explain any topic in an entertaining way and without this implying an effort on the part of the user. You just have to press play and get on the couch.

One do not want to read more and more about your services or a product but he or she can watch a video or a animation that is very interesting. You can get a coversion through an explanatory video.


Your content strategy will be much more attractive if you include videos in them. In fact, there are many people who already prefer to search for information directly on YouTube (it is already the second most used search engine).

In addition, with a video, you can easily explain complex ideas.The question, that in writing, it would cost you many lines.

  1. They attract more attention

When it comes to generating engagement with your brand, Animated video is a spectacular tool. And let’s face it, multimedia is cooler than text, that’s right.

In fact, according to a study carried out by the Cisco company, in 2018 84% of Internet traffic will be videos.

Think about yourself, how many times have you shared viral content in a format other than video? Because they are very few. 😉


As we have already told you, this is about making an impact, about preventing a person from entering your website and never coming back.

If you have an explainer video that attracts attention, not only will it stay longer on your site (which will allow you to climb positions in search engines), but it will also share it on its social networks (more visits).

Now that you’ve seen this video, imagine it in text format and with photos. Do you think it would attract as much attention as this one?

Mango Animate Animation Maker is the one-stop solution for all the needs to create a video for your business. The business video maker lets you make a powerful animation video. It has proven to be a great tool for your branding. You can convey your message in a more effective and right way.The conversion rate gets boosted when you generate the right kind of animation in the right way.