So you want to decorate your windows in an attractive yet tasteful manner to enhance your room’s beauty many times over. You have lots of options to do so – both online and offline – depending upon your room’s size, your tastes & preferences, and of course, your budget. This guide will take a look at some such options for you.

Window Treatment Ideas To Brighten up Your Home


Your room’s window is not simply a hole in the wall to let air & sunlight in. It also warrants a proper beauty treatment, much like the other parts of your house. A well-decorated window can make the beauty of the room – much like how an undecorated or badly decorated one can mar it.

Your window treatment can be basic/functional, purely decorative or – ideally – a perfect balance between the two, depending on your room’s dimension, the amount of light you would like to let in, and the affordability of your options. 

You can opt for flowing drapes, coverings, shutters, classic type curtains, Roman blinds – the choices are many. So let’s take a look at some such treatment ideas that are sure to inspire you:

Roman Blinds

A classic combination of a curtain with the convenience of a roller blind, these shades come in rich patterns as well as in simple hues. You can choose the comfort of buying roman blinds online in India. 

If you want, you can also visit any premier store for offline purchase of roman blinds in Delhi and many other locations in India. Both electric & manual options are available. The versatility & wide range of these shades will surely win you over.

Tall Drapes

A tall curtain will look classy and will also make your room look bigger & more expansive. It adds a grand appeal to your room. Go for them to add a touch of glamor to your room.

Classic Blinds

Natural wood tones are always in demand, as they bring with them a classy feel to even a mundane room. You can make a choice from different available shades & patterns.

Blinds in Vibrant Shades

If your room is on the larger side, then these shades are a perfect choice for the windows. Choose a bright accent color against a white backdrop that can complement the furnishings & accessories in the room.

Sheer Blinds

If you feel that there is too much natural light coming into your room, select sheer blinds for your windows. You can control the light coming in, without eliminating it completely. You can choose a neutral or a colored shade, depending on what complements the room color.

Panel Blinds

These are perfect for hospitality & commercial units. You can slide the panels neatly, one behind the other, if you want an unhindered view & lots of light in your room. For creating a darker effect & for enhanced privacy, simply move the panels into a closed position.

Cellular Blinds

If you feel that the temperature in your room fluctuates a lot with the seasons, then these blinds can be a solution. These come with insulating properties – keeping the room cool when it’s hot outside and vice versa. They combine functionality with aesthetics as they come in different colors, complementing the room pattern.

Thus, there are different ways at your disposal to give your windows a much-needed beauty treatment. Make the right choice keeping in mind your room size & pattern – and watch your room grow in beauty & aesthetics.