Daily exercise, a healthy diet, and a proper schedule of lifestyle – these are the keys to a healthy lifestyle! If you miss any of these three, your health definitely gets upset and you’ll soon see yourself either putting on more weight, or losing it, or simply feeling too tired to do anything. But sometimes, you do perform everything perfectly. And even then, you face the above-listed circumstances. Well, the reasons for these are clear — there is something wrong in your workout process or schedule!

What Wrong Workout Practices Can Affect Your Health Negatively?

A healthy lifestyle isn’t easy to attain! From sweating it out to fighting those meal temptations and more. And imagine if you are doing all these and everything is going in vain? You’ll surely feel depressed! Today, we are going to help you find those loopholes in your workout schedule which are perhaps the culprits:

  • Assuming you know everything — Ok, so you are exercising! But are you doing it under proper guidance? Do you know the type of exercise and what’s required for each of them differ according to your body type, metabolism, and energy? Surely not, if you are doing the same without the guidance of any personal trainer in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching have lots of experience and knowledge in properly training people like you and can guarantee results within a very short period of time. While if you do so on your own, you put in lots of effort, but the results are always wasted.
  • Not giving importance to warm up — Warm up is so very essential, and missing it often leads to sprains and muscle stress — which do affect your fitness regimen in the end.
  • Dehydration is also a problem — Your body is 70% water and requires the same amount of it in your body daily. But are you giving it the much-needed hydration? Well, you are surely losing a lot of it because of the sweat you shed due to your workout session! And it’s not very commonly known, but dehydration often leads your body to crave for carbs which in turn increases your weight rapidly.
  • Not being consistent in your workout — A workout is blessed only if it’s followed religiously. And if you are exercising for a week and missing two, then you know where the loophole lies.
  • Lifting too much weight — This mostly happens when you aren’t exercising under an expert’s guidance. If you lift too much weight, especially during your starting days, then it’s going to make you feel tired and make your body ache.

Fitness can be a boon only if it’s done correctly! Having said that, we believe that now you will act under the guidance of an expert rather than following your impulse.