When you Google your brand’s name, the first thing you expect to see is probably the business address, products list, or maybe the website. But what if the first thing that you see is nothing but negative news?

The online world is a brutal one. There are online bullies, or rivals always looking for ways to jeopardize your brand’s reputation. Most of the time, they create negative news and post those as blogs or reviews. If you do not maintain online reputation the right way, such negative reviews can ruin your brand’s credibility.

Why Negative News Ranks Higher in Google?

Before you learn how to remove negative news articles from Google, you must understand why do such links rank higher in the search engine. There can be a few different reasons for the same –

  1. Number of Clicks

In 2020, the #1 search ranking factor in Google is the number of clicks. If a link gets more and more clicks over time, it ranks on the first page of the search engine. That means, if someone searches your brand name on Google and they mostly keep clicking on the negative news links, then they will start appearing as the first link.

  1. Domain Authority

If the review website that contains negative news about your brand has a higher Domain Authority, then chances are, it will appear on the first page of Google.

  1. Viral Links

If the negative news articles go viral on social media sites, then it will appear on the first page of Google.

How to Remove Negative News Articles from Google?

There are a few ways you can remove negative news articles from Google. They are –

  1. Hire an Online Reputation Management Company

And online reputation company will help you get rid of the negative new articles and push those down into the second or third page of Google. Such companies create blogs, articles, reviews, and infomercials for your products and post them regularly. They also take the help of Search engine optimization, social media marketing and other online marketing techniques to ensure that the negative topics no longer appear in the search engine’s first page.

  1. Create as Many Social Media Accounts as You Can

If your brand does not have any social media account, it is time you create one. Here are the social media sites where your brand must have an account –

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn

The more social media accounts you have, the more it will impact your search results. However, it is still not clear how social media can influence a brand’s search engine results. But it surely is an optimal way to bury all the negative news links on the last page of Google.

  1. Contact the Review Website

When you find out there is negative news published under your brand’s name, try to contact the website who has published the article. Go to their “Contact Page”, where you will find all the information about how to contact them. Simply, follow the procedure.