Whether you’ve just bought your first pistol or you only just added the 30th rifle to your collection, it’s exciting to think about all of the cool (and useful) attachments and gun accessories you can pair with it.

High-powered, low light scopes; folding bipods; speedloaders; red dot sights; glass breaker attachments. Each of them is exciting in its own right.

But not all gun accessories are exciting or even cool. Some are simply necessary. Let’s take a look at the most boring, yet essential, of them all.

1. A case
A case is an essential gun accessory if only because many states require firearms to be cased and inaccessible during transport and in areas where they might otherwise be prohibited (if they are permitted at all).

2. Patches
Patches might just be one of the most overlooked gun accessories of all. Boring, cheap and basic but necessary, patches enable you to effectively saturate the bore with solvent or cleaner before scrubbing it clean. They also tell you when the bore is clear, as well.

3. Brushes and jags
Patches alone won’t clean out a bore. You still need to scrub out fouling from the bore, and in the case of a muzzleloader, from the breech face.

4. A cleaning rod and adapters
You either need this or a bore snake, but in all honesty, as cool and potentially useful as a bore snake is, a cleaning rod is more durable and more practical.

5. Bore solvent and oil
Bore solvent will help you get the upper hand against entrenched fouling, especially, if it’s been days or weeks since you last cleaned. After you’ve removed all fouling, moisture and other deposits, a very thin application of oil will help you keep things working smoothly.

6. A cleaning mat and a magnetic tray
Your firearm has many parts that you’re liable to lose, even during partial disassembly. A cleaning mat is good; a magnetic tray that will help you organize small metallic parts is better.

7. Platform-specific tools (pin punches, driver bits, choke wrenches, sight adjustment tools, etc.)
There’s no predicting just what exactly you need in terms of tools to disassemble your pistol, rifle or shotgun, but it’s good to have a few on hand. Torx bits are common, as are choke wrenches, sight adjustment tools, pin punches, and the like.

8. Ammo containers, an ammo can, or a range bag
Just in case you need to keep your ammo separate from your firearm during transport (a requirement in some locations) a range bag is useful for storing ammo, loaded mags, and other range necessities.

9. Eye and ear protection
Eye and ear protection are a near-universal range requirement and a reasonable one.

10. A safe or a lock
You can store your firearm in your home as you choose (subject to all applicable local laws). However, in the words of the NSSF: “Own it? Respect it. Secure it.”

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