The most difficult thing is to do the box presentation, because of this consumer attract to buy your product. It’s like so much tension to make the perfect box presentation. If you don’t know how to present your product, you need to develop different ideas. Some people think that a shiny look is the better one and some prefer simple looks.

Today Custom presentation boxes are the best ones. Sometimes you didn’t have enough time to go into the market and buy a ready-made presentable box, then you need to apply your own creativity in a shortage of time. When you are thinking about the presentation of a box many ideas come into your mind. The thing is you need to be very careful in making a good presentable box. You may find many resembling things related to the presentation packaging.  It is a fact that creative minds can able to think many creative ideas in a second. Today, technology is the only way of providing an innovated ideas on the designing of a box. You can also take the recycled cardboard and design it in your own way.

Creative ideas can turn simple occasions into special ones if you are thinking to give a gift on any occasions. The basic thing in the decoration of a box is that it is rule-free. Through unusual things and creative materials, you can turn your box into the best one. What to do when you have a cardboard box, here are the top 10 creative ideas for presentation boxes:

  • Felt roses in a box: 

    today the best idea is to make a rose from the felt sheet. It will bring the blooming look to have a rose on the simple wrapping box. You can use two different colours in making beautiful felt roses. Make sure that these colours resembling with your box wrapping colour. Only 15 to 20 minutes required for making simply felt roses.


  • Box wrapping with the help of aluminium foil: 

    to make your box a shiny look you can use foil paper. This will bring a white shiny look. You can also put a flower which is made up of foil paper, applying with colourful beats. It is really better to bring something from home and I think everybody has foil paper in their home. So must try it.

  • Use of fabric: 

    today the widest thing is the use of fabric. Different colours and shades can be found easily in a fabric. You can wrap the box with fabric as well as you can make a flower which is made from fabric. This is the cheapest idea for your box presentation because in our home waste fabric can be found easily and you can use it in your own style. This is really helpful instead of wrapping paper. It is an easy way for gift wrapping because all of this you only need a square piece of fabric and put a box into it and cover from all sides. Today, most companies are using fabric in the packaging of boxes.


  • Pillow shape boxes: 

    the process of making a pillow shape box is so easy. You need an old CD which is not in use and puts it on the cardboard sheet. Cut into the circle form. After that, put CD into it and mark, four times from the corners of a circle. Make sure that you are marking equally. With the help of the mark, lines turn it into the shape of a pillow. In the end, you need a ribbon or a piece of thin rope for, making a bow into the box and your box is ready.

  • The box on the tie: 

    this will show how created you are because normally people didn’t see any creativity like this. Make a tie and put it in the box so it resembles that this is a special gift for males. You can create different colours of a tie that match your box personality.

  • Use of handmade things: 

    use of different things which is handmade products like flowers. From different things flower can be made from fabric, ribbon, formic sheet and beats flower. Make sure that you are using that flower that totally fits with your box personality.


  • Using a Bow: 

    you can use a bow, which is made up of a different colour of the paper sheet. Put a bow on the top of the box can give a unique and elegant look. A bow can also be made by using strips of magazine paper, now it is your choice that using a simple or a different colour bow which can easily chuckle the recipient by receiving this box. A ribbon bow is also used.

  • Beats on a box: 

    different kinds of beats can be put in the box after making a box. It will bring a colourful look to your box. This idea fits for wanted to have something special in their box designing. You can use the same colour of beats and also use different kinds of the beat. It depends on your choice.

  • Printed paper: 

    put a printed image in a box like a flower, cartoon, text etc. You can also use a printed paper, which is print according to your choice. Any logo or a person’s name is the best idea for printed paper wrapping. It will resemble a simple look creatively. Those who have a creative mind will love that idea. The best option for printed boxes is to buy the presentation boxes at wholesale price

  • Use of old jewellery: 

    those who are not interested in enough creativity can use the simple box and wrap it with simple paper. Put some old jewellery which was not in use now. This is the best reuse of wasted jewellery. Only you need perfect glue to fix the jewellery into the box.