For a timeless beauty like you, there’s got to be a timeless pool of outfits as well. Moreover, you mustn’t ever run out of the outfits that make people turn their heads and look at you in awe. And if you are looking for an idea about these outfits, you are at the right place. Here, consume and use this short and sweet guide on what items to add to your collection from online clothing boutiques to convert your wardrobe into an evergreen wardrobe.

Classy and sassy dresses

Dresses are the best friends of women and there is no way you wouldn’t find one in a woman’s wardrobe. The question here is that how could one choose the dresses that catch the attention and keep catching the attention every time you wear them. The collection of trendy dresses at Southern Honey might just be a fit for your needs and here’s a glimpse into the reason why we’d suggest that.

The Tiffany dress, from our  online clothing boutique will blow your mind away and take people’s breath away when you step out wearing it with a pair of high heels and some classy sunglasses. 

Layers can change the game

If you haven’t thought of or haven’t tried layering your outfits yet, it’s about time you do it now. Add a few cute cardigans to your collection of outerwear and style them with your short dresses, maxi dresses, tops, blouses or t-shirts. Trust us, a good cardigan can totally transform an outfit. Can’t believe us? Have a look at the Paulo Duro Cardigan from the online clothing boutique, Southern Honey. 

Beautiful isn’t it? It’s time you hit the add to cart button and gift yourself the joy of looking the best in any freaking room!

Some classic tops to keep forever

Most of the time we wear casuals to anywhere we go. Why not step up your casual wear game by adding a few trendy long-sleeved tops to your wardrobe. Long-sleeved tops particularly look classic and modest while also looking steaming hot. You could choose between a balloon full sleeve or a skin-tight one but they always look good and no one is going to change that fact.

How could you forget footwear?

Women’s designer shoes have always been a big element to the outfit and you can never rely put on any pair of shoes when you are trying to make a fashion statement. Choose the shoes that go with your general outfit style and experiment them with a different set of clothing items. Just select your aesthetic and flow with it. 

Hey Gal Cream Striped Slides shoes would look great if you have more of a tomboy attitude when it comes to outfit, and the Coolen Whisky booties are for someone who wants to go all classic.

Business or not, blazers are in

Do you think blazers are only for business meetings? No, they’re not! You can literally style a blazer over a satin bra or a crop top. If not that, you could wear it over a graphic tee or a trendy top in your wardrobe. Printed and textured blazers do really well if you like to step up your fashion game.

Denim jackets are the salt to your curry

We never really let go off trend and neither is it going away now. Denim jackets are here to stay and here’s why! They look good with literally anything. Pick a clothing item and layer it with a denim jacket. Heck, wear a denim jacket tied around your waist. No debate is possible on whether denim jackets are worth it or not, because they are!


For building an evergreen outfit, you need to fill it in with elements that keep it evergreen. This article mentions some of the absolutely beautiful items that you could stack up and build a wardrobe you could practically use anytime, anywhere!