Successful uses of Node.Js by industry leaders                                                        

The industry giants all over the world are using Node.JS extensively to derive the best results. Now is the time to hire renowned Node JS development company to start flourishing your business operations. There are endless stories of how the start ups and businesses started earning huge revenues with implementation of Node.js. 

For instance, one great example is Groupon working with Node JS development services to negate the issues of maintaining website along with fresh updates.  

Skycatch has also been making headlines among other data companies working on commercial drones. 

With implementation of Node.js by hiring expert Node JS Web development Company, these along with countless brands have simplified data extractions from a website, instead of relying on new SQL creation, which tends to be complex way.  

Purpose of using Node.js  

Along with outlined benefits in the blog section below, this is the time to learn how those positive aspects align with practicality. Here’s how the collaboration with Node JS company for web development can help the company target the best application performance. 

  • Ensures real-time applications 

The Node.js implementation assures great performance and speed along while running real-time messaging, or chatting. It can easily support heavy traffic of multiple users, chatrooms, and short messages, at the same time. 

  • Tools for collaboration 

The ability of Node JS to process real-time flows is well-renowned. The finest example here is of Trello, one of the popular project management applications, developed on the basis of Node.js. It hugely derived advantages from its non-blocking and event-driven model. If your business applications require immediate updates, online documentation suites and other collaboration tools, now is the time to hire a high ranking Node JS development company.  

  • Built in modules for Data streaming applications 

“Streaming” involves sending huge amounts of data in small set of packages, rather than in a single batch, especially for audio-video streaming applications. When you let Node JS development team handle the job, they ensure that what suits best to support data streams, while keeping it writable and readable. For instance, Netflix uses one of the powerful environments of Node Js currently.  

Here’s why your business should readily hire top Node JS development services for your next project 

  • Fast-paced network application to handle parallel and multiple connections 

Node JS compiles javascript into machine code, while speeding up any framework. Companies looking to hire Node JS App Development services can build up flexible and fast network applications. For instance With Node JS applications, PayPal reduced the response time significantly by 35%, while handling double the amount of request per second.  

  • Allows Easy sharing features 

With Node.JS implementation, it is possible to share powering nearness of the NPM. The collection of more than 50,000 bundles help designers make required provisions before initiating with the project. The developers can easily refresh, share, and reuse the code. The dynamic bundle supervisor is a ready-to-use help for the designers, thus benefitting web development companies. 

  • Simplifies task for real-time web application 

Hiring dedicated Node JS development services turn out to be boon for those businesses looking to aid real-time application development for messaging, gaming and more. For development of such web applications, it requires non-blocking and event-based server, to which Node.Js is the best answer.  

  • Single code based for effective synchronization 

It is easier said than done to have synchronization while sending data between the server and client. This is why you should hire Node JS development company for your next project to make complete sense. With Node JS ability to execute same codeon client and server sides, it turns out to be ideal choice for developers.  

  • Hosting In A Simplified Way 

With multiple open-source development companies aligning towards Node.js, it is a sign that this technology medium is here to stay for years. The Node.JS platform is adding more facilities and multiplying the pace of introducing new features. 

This brings a great help to in providing PaaS services. One of the renowned cloud platforms as a service, Heroku supports Node.js implementation. 

  • Helps Boost productivity 

Due to compile-time error handling, it is easier to bolster productivity by blending both the front-end and backend teams into a single unit. This helps to speed up the overall product development process. 

  • Scalability Supported 

If you are still wondering “why Node.js” question, the answer lies in its superb scalability supported for apps to bear high peak loads. Another renowned example is of Uber choosing Node.js development for its app. This ever increasing global taxi network company has expanded almost in all over the world. With taxi business at its extreme peak, the Node JS web development company handles all these challenges for smooth running operations. 

  • Leverage Node.Js  as proxy server 

Node.js is used for ample of intermediary administrations. A mere 20-line code to use Node.js server for proxy server is one of the best and least known ways to use it for easy-streaming of information. With this, you can stream information from multiple sources. 

  • SEO friendly 

None of web app development services teams want to lose out on their SEO game. When you render the backend by Node.js, it brings more visibility to the website, since search engines can easily optimize the involved React projects. It also contributes with high speed and top-notch performance to amplify the SEO prospects in collaboration with ease of user experience. 

  • Minimized development involved 

With a huge range of libraries and frameworks available in Node.js, it is easier for developer to work on projects. Some leading Node.JS development companies keep creating a pool of such useful resources for multiple usages. This saves a huge load of development time by using reusable utility classes rather than starting it from scratch for every new project. 

Most of the Node JS Web Development Companies have started capitalize on this to have developers write specific business logic. 

The Bottom Line 

All the aforesaid benefits make it easy for Front-end and Back-end development team to capitalize on the use of Node.JS along with necessary Javascript skills. We may no longer find maintenance programmers to be a tough task anymore.