Summer is not the perfect time for savings as there are way too many unavoidable expenses. You need to pay the increased utility bills, the fuel consumption is more, and a few items increase in the grocery list. Unlike winters, there is no practical solution to stay cool without an air conditioner.

Nevertheless, people low on a budget still find some ways to save some money on the various expenses in the list. You need to focus on the small costs if you want to save big. Here, we have mentioned some tips to save money during the summer with some season-specific strategies.

  1. Save on Air Conditioning

Savings for summer starts with the right use of the air conditioner at home. You should never turn it on for 24 hours as the temperature is not always hot. The AC can rest during the mornings and evenings when the weather outside is pleasant.

Moreover, you can visit public places such as a library with ACs to spend some ideal time. You should also take care of its maintenance if you want to reduce the operational cost. If the machine is too old, take same day loans to buy a new, energy-efficient air conditioner.

  1. Take Kitchen in the Open

If you are cooking inside, the temperature of the house will considerably increase because of the heat from the kitchen. It will make a living without an air conditioner impossible even during the evenings. A better alternative here is to cook in the backyard.

Your simple dinner will become a barbeque party if you use a grill in your garden. You can invite some friends and family now and then to save money on expensive outings.

  1. Do Not Use Dryer

Your clothes can quickly dry in the direct sunlight outside. Therefore, you don’t have to pay the additional electricity bills because of the dryer. Give your dryer a rest and use the natural heat.

Similarly, you can put the refrigerator and air conditioner settings to low at times to save some money. Make a habit of drinking water from a filter or tap instead of a refrigerator. All these small measures will help you save money on utility bills.

  1. Use the Evenings

Evenings are the perfect time in summer to go outside and enjoy the light breeze of the weather outside. It is a better alternative than sitting on the couch and watch Netflix until you fall asleep. Even a walk outside will be a calming experience after a stressful day at work.

There are so many activities that take place at parks and public gatherings during the summer. They are either inexpensive or free to join. Or you can take a bench in the park and spend some quality time with your partner.

  1. Take Coffee from Bottles or Cans

Your summer cold coffees are expensive if you want them from the favourite baristas with some customisation. The best solution here is to make your coffee at home and carry it to work. However, you may think of it as non-negotiable because of the routine and taste.

In this situation, you can also buy cans and bottles of coffee from the baristas. They taste almost the same as your customisation. The significant difference is the price tag and waiting time for the coffee.

  1. Grow Some Food

You can start a new hobby of gardening and grow some plants in the backyard. It will help save money on the grocery bill for sure. With the added benefits, you will have something to do this summer that requires investment in seeds and fertilisers.

Gardening doesn’t always require spacious back or front yards. Many people have beautiful gardens on their rooftops and balconies as well. Some plants are even ready to harvest within a few weeks if you want results fast.

  1. Ride Bike Instead of a Car

Bicycle is a healthier alternative to cars if you want to run some errands in the summer. The weather outside is not cold to make it a shivering experience. Moreover, you will save money while moving some muscles.

Therefore, give your car a good rest in the garage and buy a bicycle. You can easily find a used bicycle in good condition within the neighbourhood or with some online application. More importantly, it will help the environment by reducing carbon emission into the atmosphere.

  1. Cancel Gym Membership

If you don’t visit the gym regularly, you and the finances should cancel the membership. It makes no sense to pay hundreds and thousands of pounds each year only to get a membership card. You can save all that money while working out at home or park.

Summers are the perfect time to lose those extra pounds. Go to the park, get some cardio exercises and focus on the diet. You will make some friends on the same journey if you are open to companionship.

  1. Plan Your Meals

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are always better alternatives because of their shelf life and price. You should plan your meals with these seasonal vegetables from the right market. The grocery stores are relatively expensive when you compare them with the farmer’s market.

Reduce the takeout and restaurant visits to save significant money on the food budget. You can plan the mean based on your fitness goals.

  • Look for Free Fun-Activities

People think vacations are not fun unless they visit some faraway city or country to explore. However, they will cost some serious money that not everyone can afford. You can still enjoy the vacations with some fund yet inexpensive activities.

These include a visit to the beaches, parks, or pool-parties at home. You can also start playing some outdoor games to keep yourself fit. Many people volunteer during their summer break to help the community.


To sum up, it is not easy to save money during the summer season because no one wants to go outside an establishment. You want to spend more time at home, coffee shops, and bars instead of parks and sports complex. It is essential to get outside the comfort zone to save money and achieve financial goals.