Here is a step by step guide to launch your exchange in Singapore. This will give you a complete guide for that one needed to know before starting a cryptocurrency exchange  script platform. Here we go
  1. Have clear knowledge in cryptocurrency regulations in Singapore.
  2. Understand the crypto market in Singapore.
  3. Understand the pain points of crypto traders in Singapore.
  4. How to make liquidity for your crypto exchange?.
  5. Bring solutions for problem crypto exchange.
  6. Identify resources and requirements.
  7. Master Business Plan.
  8. Contact a cryptocurrency exchange development company.
  9. Initiate your project.
  10. Measure your expectation.
  11. Launch your crypto exchange.
These are the 11 simple steps to launch your exchange in Singapore. We Sellbitbuy is here to give you the best consultation in starting a crypto exchange of your own and also provide the best cryptocurrency exchange solutions like