The UK Tier-2 Sponsor license is used to employ someone to work for you from outside the UK. The Kind-2 visa covers all manners of general work, including owing work like running a charity. You won’t need a license to underwrite Irish citizens, people having settled orpre-settled status, and people having indefinite leave to remain in the UK. You need to apply online for the visa, after which you would be given a license standing. This license will be valid for four bits and can be taken out from you if you don’t fulfil certain faults as a patron. To get a license without going through the hassles of the play process, you can take the help of the SmartMove2UK.


UK Tier-2 Sponsor license necessities

To be eligible for a Kind-2 backing license, you’ll have to fulfil the following criteria.

You mustn’t have lawless charges against you for offences related to immigration or matching crimes, like plutocrat laundering and fraud.

You mustn’t have had your patronage license scrubbed in the last 12 months.

To be a successful surety, you’ll need to have monitoring systems in place to keep tabs on your supported workers. The immigration department will also review your use form and supporting documents, and might yea visit your business to check the credibility of your use.

Certifications of sponsorship

A certification of aegis is an electronic document handed by you to each foreign worker you employ. The certification has a unique number through which a worker can apply for the visa.

Defined Documents 

are for people who are applying through a Skilled Worker visa from outside the UK. You need to issue defined documents to these people through auspice government systems.


Hazy documents 

are for people who are applying from inside the UK. You’ll need to hand an estimate of how multiplex murky documents you ’ll need.


Your responsibilities as a UK Sponsor Visa provider 

  • To hand backing, you must see if the workers are eligible.
  • You must assure they’ve the necessary chops, with attestation, to do their jobs and keep carbons of the documents for the same.
  • You must only assign the certifications to workers whose job is eligible for aegis.
  • You must inform the immigration office if the financed workers show a lack of compliance with the conditions on their visa.

You must also cover hands in terms of 

  • Immigration status
  • Keeping applicable documents contemporized
  • Tracking attendance
  • Keeping contemporized contact details

Workers below 18 need to be taken suitable care of, like journey and living arrangements.

Failing any of the blames will create you to lose your license.

Types of licenses 

The license you apply for depends on the workers you need for the job.

for long term or perpetual employability. It includes

  •  Master Worker
  • Intra-company visas
  • Sportsperson
  • Minister of Religion

Temporary worker license 

for temporary employment. The working time ranges from 6 months to 2 whiles. It includes

  • The government authorized exchange worker
  • Multinational agreement worker
  • Creative or sporting worker
  • Charity worker
  • Religious worker
  • Seasonal worker

Information on Patronage License Use 

You need to apply online for the Species-2 patronage license and transport in the submission stretch and supporting documents at the end. A license price is asked when you apply, and it depends on the type of license you ’re applying for. You can either be a small backer or a charitable backer. Grounded on this, your license charge will vary depending on what type of worker you ’re patronizing.

An use normally gets reviewed within 8 weeks. An usage might be refused if any of your supporting documents are rejected or the caseworker made an error while reviewing your usage.

At The Smartmove2UK, we’ve experience with Sponsor Licence renewals and are available to help you with this process.

Your UK Sponsorship license rating

  • Your license rating determines your freedom to hire new workers.
  • As soon as your use is approved, you get an A walk.
  • Your play can be downgraded to a B standing if you don’t meet your patron duties. This will help you from issuing documents of backing for new workers.
  • An‘ action plan’ owing with a figure can help you get upgraded to an A standing after the completion of all the route.
  • Notwithstanding, your license can be dropped, If you get another B standing in 4 bits. You need to bide for 12 months to reapply for the license.

Job Happiness 

A worker you patronize must have job felicitousness, that is, they’ve a suitable pay and skill position and meet other criteria on their visa. Patronizing under-18s can not be done under visas of a crack worker,Intra-company, seasonal worker, or foreign agreement worker.

Also known as a skilled sponsor license, it is the main method through which skilled migrants can be employed in the UK. The Tier-2 employer sponsor license has been renewed as the skilled worker sponsor license. However, the existing Tier-2 sponsors can continue to employ workers with their license.

UK Tier-2 Sponsor license can help you make your workforce more inclusive. However, applying for the license is a time-consuming process. You can take the help of the SmartMove2UK’s services to make your application process easier. Call us on +91 98191 27002 or email us at [email protected] and book your consultation appointment. With the personal review service, you can check if you’ve made any mistakes while applying. After getting the approval, you can employ the workers necessary for your job.