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Most of the projects included found during this category are supported real-life projects that are supported by the newest trends in technology that will be applied to future industries.

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         Are you trying to find Big and free collection of java projects with ASCII text files, your search ends here we have a set of just about 100+ java projects for you. Java may be a well-known and widely used language for mobile also as web applications. 

Takeoff Projects helps you download and explain Java mini projects with ASCII text files for tutorial and final year projects. Just download Java mini-projects and make a database consistent with the knowledge provided by our Experts in our Takeoff Projects.

Some of  the projects having java source code:

  • Secure Similarity Search Over Encrypted Non-Uniform Datasets
  • A Study of Web Usage Mining Patterns by Using Variants
  • Data Mining Approach to Find the Interest of People in Purchasing Real…
  • A Study On ABE Public Key On Cryptographic Technique project
  • Data Mining Multi-Source Medical Data Integration And Mining For Health…
  • Feature Level Rating System Using Customer Reviews And Review Voting
  • Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Searchable Encryption for Distributed…
  • Authentication and Key Agreement based on Anonymous Identity for Peer-…
  • Enhanced Map Reduce Techniques for Big Data Analytics Based on K-Means…
  • Data Security of Cloud in Cloud Computing

New projects for the final year projects:

  1. Pocket Tanks  Game Java Project  
  2. Internet Banking Java Project      
  3. Hospital Management Java Project
  4. Teachers Feedback Form Java Project
  5. Online Job Portal Java Project
  6. Online Examination Java Project
  7. Alumni Database Java Project
  8. Virtual Classroom Java Project
  9. Lan Chat and File Sharing Java Project
  10. Payroll System Java Project
  11. Online Exam Java Project
  12. Java Game mini Project  
  13. Online Shopping Java Project   
  14. Online Library Management System
  15. Feedback Collection System java project
  16. Text Editor in Java Project
  17. Moving Balls using Java Applet

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