Gymnastics is not that gentle of a sport. It requires tough training and physical fitness to pull off even the most basic moves. That’s why gymnasts have that perfectly chiseled figure. Gymnastics also involves a serious risk of injury, and therefore you must never compromise on safety gear. Your gymnasium must be sufficiently equipped with pads, roll-out mats, landing mats and gymnastics crash mats to ensure maximum safety.

The pads and mats used to ensure safety at a gymnasium have to endure a lot of force and pressure as the gymnast performs man-oeuvres and lands on them from a height. So just having the protective padding is not enough. You must also ensure that the padding you use is of professional-grade quality.

Why you need the best quality

As mentioned earlier, gymnastics is a serious sport that has the potential to inflict serious injuries to the athlete. However, the most terrible injuries occur when safety equipment fails. Low-quality padding can open-up unexpectedly, become uneven or lose the cushion effect, all of which can cause serious and unexpected injuries for athletes. A severe injury can end an athlete’s career and therefore it is extremely important to have the best-grade of safety at the gymnasium.

What should you look for?

While purchasing pads and mats for a gymnasium, you must always buy international-grade sport safety materials. You can ensure maximum safety by looking for certain characteristics in the safety gear you purchase for the gymnasium.

Here are some key characteristics to look for:

  1. Highest quality

This is a no-brainer. You must ensure that the padding material is of the highest quality available. Check whether the service provider guarantees that the materials used are of the best-grade professional sports quality.

  1. Customization

Not all gymnasiums are of the same size, and so, you need to have pads customized to fit perfectly. Open spots can lead to injuries, and therefore, all pads must be in perfect fit, leaving no open gaps. You must always choose a service provider who can offer custom sizes and custom foam combinations so that you can get the type of padding that you prefer.

  1. Certifications

This is a crucial factor. Reliable service providers should always offer some sort of certification to ensure guaranteed quality and safety. You must never forget to check whether the service provider offers Critical Fall Height – HIC – certification on all their products.

  1. Additional options

Quality service providers will also offer additional options such as custom colors, logo printing, velcro joiners and other custom services to suit your requirements. Make sure that you check those before making a purchase.


Gymnastics safety gear such as gymnastics crash mats, landing mats and roll-out mats are essential to ensure the safety of athletes. But the most important of all is the quality of these safety materials. There is simply no point in buying loose-grade safety equipment that doesn’t serve its purpose.

So, the next time you buy gymnastics safety gear, make sure that you check the above four important factors.