In my life I have done several moves, some when I was very small, others older and therefore more suffered. Over time, I have developed a useful method for organizing the move with less stress, making it easier, even more fun for me, to pack and unpack. Here are the steps to make the move easier to organize

1. Make a “to do list”

A very important thing to take into consideration is to be clear about what you need to do. Anyone who knows me knows that I love lists, even if for some they can cause anxiety, I think they are essential when there is a lot of work to be done and you don’t know where to start.

Making a list of things to do before moving (transfer, change of residence, boxing) is essential to prioritize. Once you have written down what you need to do, give a priority number from 1 to 4, where 1 is very urgent and 4 less urgent, you will be able to understand what is most important to do. If you want you can use post it and stack them according to priorities.

2. Do declutter

There is no point in packing everything without sorting first. Surely knowing what can be useful to you in your new home and what is not is important to build an environment oriented towards the present and the future, rather than the past. Armed with good will, some things are not essential, others can have new life in another house, giving them. Take only what you really need with you. 5 good tips to organize a move quickly and easily

3. Create a nomenclature system

An important method for not making random boxes, and then going crazy when you find yourself opening and putting them back in place, is to create a system of nomenclature. Relax, it’s nothing transcendental, but very useful for cataloging boxes.

The system I developed with a dear friend of mine provides for the assignment of numbers in packages of 100 for each environment. Example: 100 for the kitchen, 200 for the bathroom, 300 for the bedroom and textiles etc. etc. If you want, in the summary you can also associate a scotch tape or a colored label that identifies the environment and that will be included in the labels of the boxes.

4. Label the boxes

When you create the boxes according to the nomenclature, you will have to label them indicating the box number (if kitchen objects, you can number them 101, 102, 103 …, as well as for the bathroom 201, 202, 203 …), the color assigned to the environment, the content and indicate how fragile, urgent and heavy it is (this is also to facilitate transporters or who will help you move the boxes).