There are many ways in which you can increase conversion rates on your website. The problem with websites nowadays is that they cannot truly do the one thing they need to do, and that is to sell.

Here are 4 effective ways to optimize for conversions:

1. Install a pop-up on your site

The average pop-up conversion rate is 3.09%. However, if done properly, there is a slight possibility that you can make it into the top 10%, which have an average 9.28% conversion rate.

It will skyrocket your conversion rate with one change, and I’ve tried it on every site I’ve ever tried.

Here’s how to get them to convert highest:

  • Find a winner that you can feel right away after trying several offers (PDFs, content, products, other free stuff).
  • The pop-ups will stop being annoying if they’re on hold for 30 seconds.
  • Please make it so the pop up can be closed easily.
  • Pop-up tools allow you to set a cookie so the pop-up only appears once per user.

Combining them will enhance conversions and keep complaints to an absolute minimum. You don’t bother anyone and you will benefit.

2. Get rid of form fields that are unnecessary

Are you afraid of too many required fields when filling out an online form?

Removing useless form fields and leaving only those necessary to achieving your goal is one of the easiest ways to optimize for conversions.

Every field that we removed led to a 10% growth in sign-ups.

You could have high sign-ups, but your close rate will be trash if your sales team doesn’t gather all the lead information it needs to follow up.

Find the right balance between capturing your leads’ critical information while keeping fields to a minimum. Be sure every field is critical, otherwise consider removing it.

3. Adding logos, testimonials, and reviews

Providing testimonials or reviews from past customers will boost the confidence of potential customers. No one wants to be the first person to use a product or service.

Social proof, which includes testimonials, is comforting to consumers. During a ConversionXL interview, growth marketing expert Angie Schottmuller advised, “If quality social proof buffers uncertainty, get ready for some remarkable conversion impacts, up to 400% sometimes.”

A testimonial, reviews, or logo on every critical page on your website.

4. Write a stronger call to action

You will not get top conversions with generic CTAs like “Sign up” and “Start a trial”.

You will convert more easily if you spend a few minutes improving the copy.

Consider starting your call-to-action with the word “Yes.” It gives the offer a positive spin, which leads to greater psychological effectiveness.

Web conversion optimization is one of the simplest things you can do in your business.

The amount of impact it makes to improve the chances of selling is monumental. It takes a little extra effort of research to try to come up with a better-than-average website. Those are 4 effective ways to increase conversion rates on a website.