Overview: In this article, we have covered the top luxury trains run by Indian railways and what is special about them

Indian railways had a very long journey and those who have travelled in trains before flight became accessible to avg income households ( i am talking about the 90s and early 2000s ) have witnessed the transition period. A lot of people are still not aware of the fact that there are some luxury trains run by Indian railways which are way more luxurious and expensive than they could ever imagine. Trains are a medium of cheap travel but there are some trains which take less time and has different AC coaches as well to provide good facilities to those who can afford it but there’s a whole different section of luxury trains which are not about travel or journey, they are about experience.

In this particular article, we are going to cover the 5 topmost luxury trains in India, so if you are someone planning for such experience or just here for knowledge, we recommend going through the full article. If you are someone coming from a different country and looking for a luxury and rich experience in one of these train and if you have a question on how you can get your place booked then let me tell you after the internet revolution and digital India initiative, you can do almost every activity through your smartphones in India, the Indian government have official portal for easy ticketing which is www.irctc.co.in and Indian railways have an online portal for their employees as well which is the aims.indianrailways.gov.in.

5 topmost luxury trains of India

The 5 Most Luxurious Trains in India

5. Palace on Wheel

This train has a history of being used as normal transportation but not by any other normal household, it was used as a transportation mode by the kings of states of Rajputana, Gujarat and Nizams of Hyderabad. Later on, it became the first heritage luxury train by RTDC ( Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation ). This train initiated the experience of royal travelling and attracted a lot of Indian and international tourists. Palace on wheels as the name says it is a palace running on wheels but it is not just about the luxurious experience rather a journey in Palace on wheels will also show you the heart of Rajasthan. A travel experience in the Palace of wheels can cost you a minimum of INR 3.63 Lakh at the time of creating this post.

4. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Another name comes from Rajasthan itself as it is a state with a very rich history of kings and palaces. The name justifies its purpose as this train will make you experience the rich Rajputana culture, history, forts, etc. The journey starts from the capital city and so the hospitality. You will get the facilities of a 5 star and experience of history and culture-rich palace of Rajasthan. A journey in Royal Rajasthan on wheels can cost you a minimum of INR 3.78 lakhs


3. The Golden Chariot

The journey of the Golden Chariot starts from Bangalore and it can cost you a minimum of INR 16,000 for a night. KSTB ( Karnataka State Tourism Board ) initiated the Golden Chariot to make people experience the heritage sites and wonders of the Nations. Giving a mesmerising experience is what it aims for by providing the facilities and services of a king. We don’t want to disclose the specialities of the interiors and the key points of the journey so we would recommend having the experience yourself. There are special elements which makes it worth travelling.

2. Maharajas’ Expres

Maharajas’ Express gets an edge over the 3 listed trains above as it owns the award of “World’s Leading Luxury Train” for 6 consecutive years. The awards are conducted by the World Travel Awards. The luxury experience you can get with Maharajas’ express is just beyond imagination. Purpose is the same which is to make the travellers explore the heritage and rich history of the nation while on being a running palace. The journey starts from from north and south ( Delhi and Trivandrum ) and it can cost you a minimum of INR 3.97 lakh

1. The Deccan Odyssey

This train comes on number one for a reason, journey starts from Mumbai or Delhi and it can cost you a minimum of INR 4.27 Lakhs to experience the Deccan Odyssey. The journey covers the stunning cities of the Nation and it is managed by the Taj group. If you want to experience how Maharaja’s used to live then this is what you need. It is an initiative by the tourism of Maharashtra. The luxurious experience is on another level which deplects with the cost of having the experience.

These were the top 5 luxury trains which you can experience in India, if you ahve any doubts or any addon to the article then you can connect to the author.