Outbound marketing is still among the most-employed marketing tactics that digital marketing companies use to generate leads for their businesses. However, most people think that outbound marketing somewhere feels outdated when compared with inbound, but it’s not true.

When outbound tactics are carefully personalized and followed, there are very high chances of converting leads into customers. In this article, we will have a look at the top five outbound marketing tactics that will work in 2021. Whether you are running a startup or a small business, these outbound techniques will for sure work for you.

1. Right Targeting

The first step towards performing outbound marketing in the right way is by identifying the right audience base. Randomly targeting people and pitching them won’t work and it will consume a lot of time from your working hours. Instead of doing this, first, you need to identify the consumer persona and then target the audience. By doing this, it would be much easier to take the audience to the next step of the funnel and build a relationship.

There are several targeting tools available in the market that let you easily find interested potential customers. All you need to identify the correct audience and then start pitching them.

2. Value Addition

Whether you are creating content or sending cold emails to prospects, you need to add as much value as possible. Normally, people receive a lot of emails and pitches on a daily basis and we need them to click on ours by giving them some value. It could be anything that would instantly grab their attention. You can share a personalized business report or some performance enhancement hacks that can help them instantly.

The goal here should be to start a conversation and then understand what personalized solution they are looking for from businesses like you. Once you establish a connection and a bit of trust, the chances of converting that lead increases.

3. Personalized offers

Whether you sell services or products, you can also customize it as per the target audience to generate more traction. By identifying some key metrics, you can easily identify what kind of services they need and what could be the price range. By understanding these factors, you can prepare a personalized offer and then pitch them. It would for sure bring in higher CTR and conversion rate.

Along with personalizing the message, customizing the services takes the pitch one step ahead and the prospects become more interested in your business. You can also offer a free consultation call and discuss their requirements. After this, just a simple proposal which is solving their problem can do wonders.

4. Email and phone calls

Generally, people either send emails or do cold calling for gathering business leads. You can combine both the processes and it will double up the chances of converting the leads into customers. Once you are done with sending the email, you can schedule a call and then discuss more on their requirements. On the other hand, if you have called the prospects, you can send a personalized email so that you will be in their inbox in case they need the services in the future.

5. Social media marketing

Social media marketing can be used really well in terms of generating leads from your respective industry. Instead of just posting about the brand, services, or products, you can visit common discussion forums and search for common problems that most people are facing. By analyzing this, you will get the idea of creating high-conversion content.

By creating this type of content, you can easily drive more traffic and lead your business. Even if you can create a video that is giving some solutions, it would be a good investment in gaining potential customers.

Outbound marketing tactics still work in 2021 and they will continue to work beyond also. We only need to make it more reliable, personalized, and useful for others so that they can relate to the content. Once you start gaining traction, it would be much easier for the sales team to convert them by offering quality services. If you were not leveraging outbound tactics then it’s the right time to get started and thrive online among people.


Source Link: https://techmindzone.com/5-outbound-marketing-tactics-that-still-work-in-2021/