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If you love having car accessories, then you know there are hundreds of them. They range from installing or mounting inside the car to those you can mount on your car exterior. But, how do you find the useful ones that won’t break your budget? 


You can find affordable car accessories if you dig deep. But, your research can take time. This is why we decided to help you take a shortcut. Scroll down to discover 5 pocket-friendly car accessories.  

Light Your Car Up With Car Light Accessories 

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Car Light accessories are there for two reasons – to improve the aesthetics of a vehicle or provide additional functionality and safety. If you want to enhance the aesthetics, you don’t need to spend much. There are a variety of car LED strip lights to choose from to fit your style. Most of these products are more than affordable. 


If you want to improve the functionality of your car and get some practical light, then you can go for a roof rack flood light. If you install floodlights on your roof rack, you will be able to illuminate large areas. More importantly, it increases your visibility during rainy days and storms—which is quite a safety perk given that 46% of weather-related car crashes happen due to heavy rain. 

Make Your Car Tidy With Hangers and Cargo Trunk Organizers 

If you have a big family, then you probably know how messy your car can get. It especially applies to parents who use their vehicles daily to drive their kids to school and go to work. Your trunk and back seat can get over-cluttered with all sorts of items and clothing.  


You can get a couple of headrest hangers to get started. They are incredibly convenient during autumn and winter when you or your family members need to hang a purse, bag, umbrella, and that extra jacket. These little hangers are absolute beasts, and they can hold up to 9 kg.  


For your trunk, you can use cargo trunk organizers. They come in all shapes and sizes, so we will leave it up to you to pick the best one that suits your trunk and personal needs. They are pretty sturdy, and some are completely customizable. You can use them to place your groceries or car orderly. 

Keep Your Seats Clean With Protectors 

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Car owners with dogs and/or little kids know how hard it is to keep their seats clean. Dogs constantly shed hair during spring and autumn. Kids are known to spill all sorts of things. Animal hair and stains can quickly build up. The only option at this point is to take your car to deep cleaning, which is quite pricey. You can prevent all of that with affordable car accessories. 


Car seat covers for the back seat are straightforward to install, and most importantly, very cheap. They will protect your seat from spills and hair, and you stand to save a lot in the long run just by not having to take your car for cleaning.  


The smaller car seat covers are intended for the driver’s seat and front passenger seat. These are versatile as you can use them in two ways. You can even hang them to prevent spills and stains on the back of the front seats.  

Never Forget Where You’ve Parked Your Car With Car Finder 

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Those big parking lots are pretty convenient when you can’t find anywhere else to park. However, finding your car after a few hours have elapsed when the scenery changes can be challenging. A car finder is a must-have car accessory if you’ve ended up in this situation more than once. 


Car finders are easy to install. They feature a GPS tracker. Car finders are paired with a smartphone app that you can use at your convenience to see exactly where your car is. 


Even advanced versions feature an additional USB slot that you can use to charge your phone. 

Turn Your Driver’s Seat Into Cafeteria or Workspace 

At last, there is something affordable for people who spend hours every day in their cars. If you are one of these people, you know how many occasions you’ve enjoyed coffee, eaten lunch, or done some work in your car. Doing chores and completing tasks in your car is difficult and often ends up in a total mess.  


Say hello to a neat little steering wheel desk. These are portable car accessories. They can help you have a nice desk right at the driver’s seat. The only thing you have to do is mount it, pull your seat a bit back, and enjoy your private little space. These devices are sturdy and even come with cup holders. You can use them to enjoy a meal or do some critical work on your laptop.  


There you have it – 5 pocket-friendly car accessories. Each one has a unique use case. Feel free to explore your options before you pick an accessory that suits your personal needs.